Monday, October 23, 2006

Little Pumpkins

Fall is in full swing and here in Minnesota I’d even say that Winter is playing peekaboo behind that corner over there. We had a light dusting of snow last night that made me thankful that I remembered to take the patio furniture cushions in for the winter.
The air has that lovely crisp to it. I just love fall so very much. I love cuddling in the warmth of a home that is filled with love and expectation. We’re anxiously awaiting the wedding date and since I’m an insane project manager there is really nothing left to do but wait.
We talked about babies last night and starting a family. I’m always slightly gunshy when the topic of making our family grow comes up. This man, only a few months ago, would run screaming with any mention of weddings or baby making. Now, he’s the front runner, he’s leading the team, he’s the ring leader for baby making EVERYWHERE. He wants to know when we can start and he wants to be sure that I’m taking my vitamins. He’s worried about infertility (and we haven’t even TRIED yet). He’s planning the baby room with me and thinking that we might have to move our bedroom to accommodate a co-sleeper. Which he only found out existed this weekend when I told him about it.
So we’re excited to start our family and we’re excited for the wedding. When I get anxious, I bake. I bake until my fingers are dry and cracked from being washed so much. I bake until the house smells like fall and snuggles on the couch with a big fluffy blanket.

This was fun to make and cute too. Smells of pumpkin and clove are still trapped in our sweaters and I love that.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The All Mighty RSVP

Something that I was not forseeing when planning this whirlwind of a wedding was the importance of the RSVP. People act very strange when invited to an event like a wedding. I had no idea until it was MY wedding just how wacky people can get.

Here's just a few comments I've heard regarding the wedding:

* "Out of 52 weekends in the year you pick the ONE that I'm going hunting in Montana!"
* "Why in the world are you getting married in IOWA! Driving through cornfields for 5 hours is the last thing we want to do."
* "We can't afford to come, with the gas prices and the hotel rooms, it's just too much."
* "If you would have picked Vegas as the location we TOTALLY would have gone!" (this was actually said immediately after the previous statement)
* "Thanksgiving weekend is the DUMBEST time to get married - it's the biggest shopping weekend of the year!!"
* "Is the date firm? Because I told my girlfriend that we'd spend Thanksgiving with her family this year."
* "Do we actually have to send you the RSVP in the mail? Can't we just tell you we're not coming?"
* "You'll be so busy, you won't even know that we're not there."

I could go on and on. The comments get more and more ridiculous as time goes on. One thing I find that people really want from us is for us to beg them to attend. Like we couldn't possibly live another day if they weren't at our wedding. This is usually coming from mere acquaintances who really we invited as a courtesy.

If you're invited to a wedding - please do the following:

* RSVP promptly - yes in the mail, yes with the envelope that was provided.
* Write legibly on the RSVP. If sending regrets, write a little note like, "Congrats! Sorry we can't make it."
* Do not write in the note why you can't make it - they don't care really - especially if it's for any of the reasons listed above. They just need to know if they're going to have to pay $30 for your meal.
* If you RSVP that you're coming - DO NOT change your mind and not tell them. They will have to pay for you if you don't show up. So please let them know no later than 1 week prior to the event if you've had a change of plans.
* This day is not about you (unless you're the one getting married). The decision of the date, time, and location were thought about in great detail and weren't just a whim that the bride/groom where on that day. There are reasons they selected the things that they did and chances are - it has nothing to do with your hunting schedule.


Sunday, October 08, 2006

High and Tight

I had a bummer day yesterday. For some reason I was having an ugly day. You know the days where you feel like you look disgusting?



Just me then.

I've noticed gray hairs sneaking into my scalp. Not gray really, more like coarse silver strands that glisten. My boobs seem to be going south a bit - granted I have large breasts as it is and we've always done battle - but they seem to be winning now. I had a cold sore about a month ago and the pink skin is still healing - so that's lovely.

I guess I haven't really prepared myself for the aging process. I'm used to being the young one at work - the cute one. The one who doesn't have to diet cause "you're such a tiny little thing."

This year alone I've gone on a diet and lost an extra 15 lbs that I was so in denial about I didn't know I had to lose it till it was gone. I noticed gray hair for the first time this year. Luckily if I wear my hair curly you really can't see it. I suppose you can't see it anyway - unless you're me or Mr. M. I think those might be the start of spider veins on my legs - but if I squint really hard they aren't there. I have little creases under my eyes - and I really wasn't a big "tanner" in my teens so I don't know why I deserve THAT karma.

It's a good thing I'm getting married because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't do so well picking up the boys anymore. Which is hard for me because - how do I define myself now??? Not that I defined myself entirely by my looks - but I never entertained the idea of not having the looks that I actually DID have.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

RANT TIME! – The Political Addition

I consider myself to be pretty liberal. My parents are public school teachers, who taught us that everyone is allowed to believe and think what they want to. I also had wild hair up my ass from an early age regarding equality, whether it is race, gender, or age. I wanted to know why my brother got to go on the fishing trip and I didn’t. I DEMANDED that I be allowed to go on the fishing trip – and I never really cared for fishing.

Whenever I saw someone being unfairly treated I jumped to their aid sacrificing my own “coolness” in most cases. I’ve been a bullheaded stubborn sumbitch for quite some time.

When it comes to politics I find myself loving the greenies and the liberals and the democrats. I also find myself getting sick to my stomach with the current state of our country. I try not to think about it too often, because I get too worked up.

After several frustrating arguments I’ve learned to keep my politics to myself at work and amongst friends/family. My grandfather is a Rush Limbaugh listening rock steady conservative – and it’s best to just not go there. I love grandpa – he can’t NOT take it personally so, we talk about fluffy stuff most of the time.

The other day my new department took me out for lunch on my birthday. We were talking about traveling and vacations – which was a nice “get to know you” topic. Eventually we crept into political territory – and for the first time in a long time, I bit my tongue so hard I swear I was bleeding.

I mentioned that I was excited that the guy I voted for in the preliminaries had won and hoped he’d go all the way. If you want to check him out go here.

I loved that he was Muslim – and supporting the Muslims in our country. I fear for these people – I worry that they are being discriminated against for their religious beliefs. I wonder if they are being grouped with the extremists in their faith millions of miles away and put in the basket of “dangerous” when really they’re just regular people like us.

One woman in my department spoke up and said, “He’s an al-Qaeda terrorist, I sure hope he doesn’t get into congress!”

My jaw dropped and my Pad See Yoon nearly fell on the table.

This kind of thought process terrifies me in others. Muslim = Terrorist. That is real to so many people I fear.

Now I must go cleanse myself and watch 5 Daily Shows in a row after I read some Al Franken.


Monday, October 02, 2006

Birthday? What Birthday?

I turned 27 last Thursday. I actually forgot my birthday was coming this year. Which in itself is un-believable for me. Up until this year I used to have a Birthday Week. I would count the days until my Birthday. I would give people countdowns for chrissake.

So why the change of attitude?

I think it has something to do with planning a wedding. Like I've got bigger fish to fry who cares about a birthday week. I've got to plan the event of the YEAR! Sarcasm people... bear with me people.

The invitations went out last week. They were lovely and romantic, yet classic and sophisticated. I love them.

I got the first RSVP back today - and it was a "declines with regrets"! I was really hoping the first one would be an acceptance. I opened it all excited and then... nothing.

Honesty time - I'm writing this post to fill space. I haven't been able to come up with complete posts lately. I'll be back on my game in no time - just give me a few days.