Thursday, April 03, 2008

Derrrrrrrr I Learn Slow

So that whole posting every day thing... yea... so maybe that was ever so possibly a good idea and I maybe probably should have possibly DONE IT - because HOLY SHIT people we're in a mine field over here.

I freeeekin bought a damn house people. Yes, you read that correctly - I bought a house, just when my life started to take on some kind of balance and serenity I decided to EF it all up with some good ol' house buying, packing, cleaning, and selling craziness.

Remember all my freak outs about falling down the stairs in my current house and how I couldn't possibly raise a toddler who likes to walk and talk and stick fingers in outlets in that house???? REMEMBER THAT?? Well, I tried to go all zen buddha on that whole thought process. I meditated on it and decided that I could not force such a thing to happen and it could not be the focus of my mental energy. As soon as I dropped it off my mental map - wouldn't you know the most perfect home in our most loveliest neighborhood (yep - 7 blocks away from where we live now) became available at an amazingly low price.

So we bought it - and while I'm totally thrilled and can't wait (safe stairs! huge kitchen! hardwood lovely floors! newer construction! gas fireplace! more bathrooms!) I've also landed myself in unhealthy territory as far as balance and serenity are concerned.

We argued long and hard last night (longer and harder than we should have) as to whether we should sell or rent our current home. Yes, the market sux a fatty right now and we may get more for the home in 2 years. However, we're not insanely wealthy people and the home we bought is at the top of our acceptable mortgage meter. So the husband wants to rent our current (100 year old!) home to some poor schmucks and then sell it when the market recuperates. Which is all well and fine if we had a little teensy weensy cushion of money for the "Just in case the furnace breaks" disasters.

So - what say you internets? Do we rent? or sell?


At 5:23 PM, Blogger Prochein Amy said...

Do you have a friend in the Real Estate business? Or just any realator to find out what the market is like in your area. Maybe your market is doing good....


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