Sunday, October 08, 2006

High and Tight

I had a bummer day yesterday. For some reason I was having an ugly day. You know the days where you feel like you look disgusting?



Just me then.

I've noticed gray hairs sneaking into my scalp. Not gray really, more like coarse silver strands that glisten. My boobs seem to be going south a bit - granted I have large breasts as it is and we've always done battle - but they seem to be winning now. I had a cold sore about a month ago and the pink skin is still healing - so that's lovely.

I guess I haven't really prepared myself for the aging process. I'm used to being the young one at work - the cute one. The one who doesn't have to diet cause "you're such a tiny little thing."

This year alone I've gone on a diet and lost an extra 15 lbs that I was so in denial about I didn't know I had to lose it till it was gone. I noticed gray hair for the first time this year. Luckily if I wear my hair curly you really can't see it. I suppose you can't see it anyway - unless you're me or Mr. M. I think those might be the start of spider veins on my legs - but if I squint really hard they aren't there. I have little creases under my eyes - and I really wasn't a big "tanner" in my teens so I don't know why I deserve THAT karma.

It's a good thing I'm getting married because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't do so well picking up the boys anymore. Which is hard for me because - how do I define myself now??? Not that I defined myself entirely by my looks - but I never entertained the idea of not having the looks that I actually DID have.


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