Friday, September 08, 2006

Sick Anyone?

So who's sick of only reading about weddings and rings????


Well that settles it... I'll be NOT talking about those items for today.

I've started the new position at work. I've been there for a few weeks now and really... it's going quite well. I'm a bit unsure of how my boss feels about me, even though I've gotten several reports from other people about how she's ranting and raving over me.

I think I'm learning rather quickly. I now know how to read data tables, create topline reports, and write questionnaires. Well, to be fair I already knew about questionnaire construction prior to taking the position but many things are making tons more sense now that I'm getting the background behind WHY they put that answer set in that order! AH HA!

The amount of math I do in my daily job is actually quite hilarious considering I swore off math in any form in 11th grade. Sure, I was always one year excelerated in math in school but - to me that only meant I get to stop earlier than everyone else.

I'm looking forward to mastering the job. I love feeling like I know what to do next at a job in all situations. I like problem solving and figuring it out and being good at something.

One huge downside to the current job is the new cube location. I have been put in a cube that's directly across the little cube hallway from the cube of the IT guy at work. The IT guy is NOTORIOUS for talking to himself. He has one of those bluetooth thingies - which I don't think is actually necessary for him but rather an alibi for talking to himself NON STOP!

Today I started feeling a bit sick with a scratchy throat and a cold coming on. The headache and bodyaches were starting. The guy talking to himself was HIGHTENED and MORE CLEAR and driving me literally insane.

Some of you are thinking... pshaw... so what, the guy talks to himself from time to time.

To which I say... nothing... because you're probably right.

But still - I need an excuse to give a play by play:

IT Guy: Why isn't that server running on the X level?
IT Guy: Well, probably because the 3rd server is blocking the X level to the B portal.
IT Guy: But if that were the case then the 2nd server wouldn't be functioning either on warp 10.
IT Guy: Well lets check it out and look in file C20 and find the error log.
IT GUy: We could always ping the server to find the location of the ...

You get the point and I can't make up anymore IT nerd speak because I have no idea what any of the stuff he talks about means. GOD - please make it stop.

I'm not the only one either. There are at least 10 people affected by this 1! guy. Everyone has developed coping techniques. Some wear Ipods, some talk loud on the phone to drown him out, some complain to supervisors, others make snide comments not quietly so he'll hear them, and some.... ignore.

I am not one of these people. I cannot be passive aggressive. I am utterly incapable of passive agressive behavior. I seek out conflict and resolution.

So today... everytime he'd start getting into huge conversations with himself I would spin around in my chair and stare at him until he became aware of me and would stop and start mumbling the conversation rather than yelling it out. I would continue to stare until he really stopped... momentarily. When he thought I wasn't paying attention he would start again - repeat, repeat, repeat, until I left for the day sick at 2:00.

So I'm sick... and tired... and sick.


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