Saturday, September 02, 2006

For Once I Was Right

Since the ring has taken its place on my finger it's been a mixture of emotions. At first I think I was in shock. Now, looking back I was really not absorbing anything.

People would congratulate me... I'd say thank you, but was kinda like... ummmm.... duhhhhhrrrr.

Then I started planning, which by the way, I'm nearly done with. Yea, I'm that crazy. I have spreadsheets with multiple tabs including: budgets, guest lists, and posed shot lists.

Everything is basically done with the planning - we've registered... yada yada.

THe bottom line is. I'm happy. I'm really happy. I'm so excited to get started making our little family. Mr. M has been so totally on board, I've had to stop doing the double take everytime he says something. He talks about our marriage, our wedding day, our want to have children.

I have no other words to explain my state of bliss.


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