Sunday, August 13, 2006

Not Planning On It

Yesterday my sister and I went dress shopping for the wedding that is now dominating my every thought.

DO I have a ring yet?


It'll be here in a week.

Has my Dad been asked yet?


Not till we have the ring.

Have we picked a date?


But I'm thinking November... because I'm a project manager by trade it's difficult for me to wait 6+ months for a project to come to fruition. Plus... I'm an impatient child.

So we went dress shopping just to see what's out there. I felt like a bit of an imposter since I didn't have a ring on my finger. My sister convinced me that I'm just as entitled to be at those stores trying those dresses on as the next girl with the rock on her finger.

I looked online for styles that I liked and wrote down some numbers. I went to David's Bridal since I thought they'd be the most low key and I could just browse. Um.... not the case! Did you all know that you have to have an appt. at David's Bridal ?!?! Who the hell do they think they are? Aren't they off the rack? Don't they have 6 sizes of each dress sitting there for you to take up with a free oil change??? Guess I was wrong about all of those assumptions.

The next shop we went to I found online, they seemed to have every dress that I liked online so we went to check it out. I called ahead this time... no appointment needed.

They told me they didn't have any of the ones I liked in stock but I said I'd still like to start trying some on to start getting some ideas of what looks good on me. I grabbed about 10 dresses and my sister picked a few she liked out of that ten.

THe first few I tried were the style I thought I"d like... the big puffy princess dresses with fitted waists and strapless.

Then... I tried on this

I bought it.



At 4:33 PM, Anonymous Amy said...

I knew at the first look the dress that I wanted when I tried it on. Instantly.

At 9:51 AM, Anonymous Ursula said...

Nice dress. But shouldn't you have waited for the official proposal? Oh, I suppose it doesn't matter since you know its coming.


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