Tuesday, July 18, 2006

As If There Was Any Doubt

I gave my "notice" last week Tuesday to my current employer. It was a sad meeting with my wonderful boss who I adore. We both got a little choked up until I quickly excused myself.

I heard that the two HR teams were fighting over me and what my end date would be. Which I tried to stay out of... well I actually didn't have a choice. They didn't let me have a say really. So - fine... whatever.

Now here it is a week later and I've heard nothing. I don't know if I'm moving cubes, if I'm suppose to be quiet about my moving, if I should answer questions that people have, if I should tell my vendors... I have no clue. Even more so I don't know if my two week notice holds and when I'll be receiving the fatter paychecks.

I had to go to my new boss to find out. I asked her if she'd heard anything about my start date. She pulled up an email and it was very disappointing. To her and to me. Apparently my company threw a big enough stink about needing me that they've managed to retain me for an additional MONTH! My last full time week with my current company is next week. Then I do this 2 days on 1 side 3 days on the other for a few weeks. My new boss said they were working on a spot bonus for me to recuperate the money I lost due to hanging out with them for 3 weeks longer than I wanted to.


They are NOT replacing me!

How the HELL do you justify not replacing me when you are making the hugest deal of me staying for 5 weeks to "transition" my projects. Basically that tells me you're screwing my co-workers by giving my work to them instead of hiring someone for this obviously full time job. I average 50 hours a week - how is that not a full time job??

If there was any inkling of doubt about leaving my current position it's completely gone. I'm doing the right thing. This current company doesn't care about people they care about the bottom line. I'm not interested in that.


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