Thursday, June 08, 2006

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We're on day one of week 2 of our weightloss challenge.

I lost 3.5

He lost 5.5

THe first week was tough because we felt hungry a lot.

THe second week is turning out to be tough because we're want to claw eachothers eyeballs out.

We're having some serious crankiness problems and we're ready to kill eachother.

We were talking about the beautiful trees in our neighborhood while going for an after dinner walk. I said that I Liked the tall skinny magestic looking ones. He said he liked the one that we were currently walking under. I said, "So you like the short fat ones." He turned to me and said, "obviously".

There was about 2.5 seconds where I made the decision to take offense to this. I felt the moment creep by. At first I was like - no he's just joking. THen I took it to the next level, "FUCK THAT - why would you even JOKE about that?!?"

So - the next thing we know we're fighting about it for about 20 minutes.

I'm feeling like he thinks I'm fat and keeps trying to remind me. He's offended that I would think he would ever try to hurt my feelings.

Now we're sitting here silently feet away from eachother stewing. Of course I always jump to the "he'll never marry me." and he's over there coming up with who knows what.

I had this part of the diet. The part where you turn into the devil to the people you love. We're exhausted and craving food with substance.


At 1:17 AM, Blogger JenniA said...

How old is Mr. M? You are 26 and he is the same age?
Think about what you guys are after...a FREE vacation! It is tough. I always get irritated at 8PM. I am starving and can't eat anything. So, my husband changed the times we eat...I use 25 points and we moved the dinner time to 8PM. And I am serious about the vegatables. Pop open a can of green beans or peas - B my husband actually likes spinache - will do the trick. That was how we got through the tough hungry part of our life change.

At 6:40 AM, Blogger kimmykins13 said...

Maybe you should treat yourselves one day on the weekends. Then go back to watching it and exercising the other six days. It would give you something to look forward to. I don't mean stuff yourself, but cook something you really like or go out to one of those restaurants you really love. I'm sure Mr. M. didn't mean anything by that remark. Sometimes guys can be so inept and they have no idea what they are implying. Keep up the good work on the weight loss challenge. 3.5 pounds is an accomplishment.


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