Monday, May 22, 2006

Anybody Over There?

When I made the transition from my old job to my current job there were several things that were glaring differences.

One of the many differences was that I no longer took the 3 hour lunch. Not that I don't want the 3 hour lunch - I really do like sharing a few bottles of wine and not going back to work. Now the work is too insane for me to even leave the office. Sometimes I manage a 15 minute lunch in the back room - most days I miss lunch. I'm ok with this because my work is busy enough for me to forget to eat. That means the day sails by and 5:00 comes much sooner.

Another difference is that I do a lot more work and a lot less socializing. I used to take 2 walks during the day. Both of which were a minimum of 30 minutes a piece. I did this so that me and my coworker Jeff could complain about the witches in the office. We needed it - trust me. We were expected to show up at work and commence with a "coffee clutch" which basically consisted of everyone bitching about their spouses. Except Jeff and I - who refused to bash our loved ones. That of course doesn't happen anymore. The only time spouses come up is if someone asks.

On my first day I encoutered the biggest difference. The deafening silence in the office. If we had crickets, you would hear them. No one plays a radio, no one talks to eachother because everyone is so focused on their computers.

Once in a while I can spice up the office and get people going. Get them to start communicating and bouncing ideas of eachother. Get them to work together and bullshit with eachother. But it is solely my effort that does this. Today - I did an experiment. I came in and said nothing all day. I didn't avoid conversation but I didn't actively start it.

You know what happened???


All day.

Not a word was spoken to any coworker.

GOD these people are introverts.


At 7:26 PM, Blogger JenniA said...

i just found your blog. I am also 26 and work in the corporate world - manufacturing environment corporate world. It is a lot of fun to read about others in the same situation..btw, I take 2 hours lunchs...3 is pushing it with all the little brown nosers looking for people to tattle on.


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