Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wicked Witches

I finally trudged over to the neighbors last night making sure that the wicked witch of the west wasn’t anywhere to be seen and that her broomstick (car) wasn’t parked out front.

Of course I went over there with the fake request of using space in their garbage can because ours was full. Really I just wanted to talk to Dave to find out – WTF?!? DUDE!?

I started off with my bullshit request which he was like “OH YEA, of course!”

Then I slid right into the heart of the matter. I told him I was sorry to bring something up that I thought was very innocent – I had no idea she would take such offense to it.

Then Dave unloaded what was really going on at home.

Apparently WW (wicked witch) was not pleased that they were splitting up and she’d been awfully needy lately. She has been flipping out in front of everyone including (but not limited to): his father, his mother, her mother, their neighbors, their friends etc etc.

I feel two ways about this:

1. WACKO! Time to spend some time alone honey!
2. AAhhhhwwww – I’m so sorry, this must really suck.

I’m not saying it’s ok to flip out in front of your neighbors and the rest of the free world, but I am saying that “honey I’ve been there.” I have been that crazy, needy, can’t control myself or my mouth kind of girlfriend.

Dave also added that she thought that I had alterior motives with her man. ME! The girl who’s nearly engaged and off the pill trying to have a baby with the love her life. The girl who can’t see hot men anymore because Mr.M has her under spell. ME!?!

I laughed out loud – HARD! I hope Dave wasn’t offended, he’s cute and all – but really that ain’t my bag baby.

She took my statement of offering to babysit or make him dinner as a come on. When Dave asked why in the HELL I would say that in front of basically my fiancé she said it was to make him jealous. Feel free to once again laugh out loud at that one – because really, if I wanted to make Mr.M jealous. I would LEAVE HIM, because what’s the point.

Long story short – we’re going to tiptoe to and from our cars until she’s gone. She thinks I’m after her man and when you’re in that state of mind, ain’t no amount of logical reasoning going to pull you out.


At 2:19 PM, Blogger JenniA said...

I mentioned that one (but I thought it was the boys who read into your actions). BE CAREFUL. Geez. It is really difficult having neighbors. I have actually witnessed people using my trash can space without asking. I feel violated when that happens. I am impressed with your wit - nice convesation breaker. Are you and Mr. M living at that house - or is just you?


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