Friday, June 09, 2006

This Will Pinch A Bit

I had a dermatologist appointment today - mostly to figure out what the heck is up with my bumpy, blotchy backs of my arms but also to get a standard mole check. I have lots of moles and when I was little me and my grandma would count them because she said if you had a lot of moles that meant you were going to be rich someday.

SO the little asian lady came in with her white Dr.'s coat on. She looked through her quarter sized microscope at all of the moles I thought were my "possible problem moles".

OF course all the ones I thought had to be problems weren't. She thought they all looked rather lovely - like only a dermatologist could.

Then she was looking at my back and I thought for SURE she was going to zero in on this raised mole I have right at my bra line. She didn't give it a second look but she did focus her attention on a flat little dark mole I have on my left shoulder blade.

She asked if I'd ever seen that one - while yes, I had seen it I haven't given it much thought cause it was smooth and blended in with my somewhat olive skin.

Turns out that is the one she thinks is a high risk mole. She had me on the table pretty quick with the novicaine and removed the little sucker in a few seconds. I've been given strict instructions on "wound care" so that I don't get a little divet in my skin. I'm not too worried about a divet - I've got plenty of those just from living life. If it were on my face - that would be another story - but on my back - eh.

I'll know in 14 business days whether or not it's benign or skin cancer. Maybe I'm benig highly naive but I'm not very concerned. If it was skin cancer - it's already gone and I have a perfect little circle shaped divet to show for it.


At 12:41 PM, Blogger JenniA said...

Well, hopefully it will be OK for you. That is wild. What did she tell you to do for your back of your arms?


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