Sunday, September 10, 2006

Abused Woman

Last night we had a tramatic event while sleeping.

I got punched in the face.

I was half awake at about 7:30 this morning, suffering from a cold I got up to pop another sudafed before closing my eyes again. I rolled toward Mr. M and opened my eyes for the last second before sleeping and as I was about to settle in I saw this fist coming directly at me at full speed.

The fist landed squarely on my cheek bone, I screamed out only to see another fist coming directly at my face. I covered my head with my arms and started really screaming.

Mr. M awoke immediately. "What happened, what happened... are you ok? Baby?!?"

He had no idea what had just occurred and I didn't either really. After we inspected my face and cheek to make sure I wasn't bruised or injured too badly we managed to get back to sleep. Well, I got back to sleep but Mr. M did not. He felt so awful, poor guy.

He called me from work at about 11. He had remembered the dream rather suddenly that had made him throw punches. The dream made total sense. He was at some place, some guy was messin with him. He told the guy to back off, then the guy attacked him. He was fighting back and he distinctly remembered throwing one punch and feeling like he didn't really get the guy and trying to square up to give him the full punch.

Luckily I brought him out of his deep REM sleep fast enough to not get greeted with the business end of his fist on the second one because that would have definitely left me looking like a battered housewife.

We started reading up about it - looks like there is a real disorder out there RBD that occurs mostly in males middle aged and older that causes violent outbursts while sleeping. Hopefully this was a one time deal - because I really don't want to have to start sleeping in another bed.


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