Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Hey - I'm outta here people!

Be back on March 9th with hopefully many tales of sun and fun.

Take Care

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Why is it when you need a gift to arrive on a certain day and you order that gift well in advance so that you receive it on that day ----- WHY! does somebody always fuck it up???

I ordered Mr.M's 40th birthday gift almost 2 weeks ago. Knowing that I would want to have plenty of time to fix anything that had gone wrong.

I even had it shipped to my work so that someone would definitely be there if they needed someone to sign for it.

I checked it tonight because I thought it been a bit too long. UPS decided to change the address and ship it to Maple Grove, MN instead of shipping it to the FUCKING ADDRESS ON THE LABEL!!!

So I called redenvelope and asked what they plan to do about it. They said it could take 3 business days to ship me a new set of cufflinks because they are monogrammed. I told them that I ordered well in advance and it isn't my problem that they picked a company to ship the product that was unreliable.

They told me to call back tomorrow after they had followed up with UPS. So many things are wrong with the way this is being handled.

#1 when they realize that my cufflinks have gone somewhere they shouldn't have - they should have immediately put an order in for a replacement and overnighted them to me at no cost.

#2 they should follow up with UPS and call ME back tomorrow morning. I should not have to call them hoping they have remedied the problem.

#3 they should assure me that my product will arrive before I fly on Tuesday and apologize and kiss my ass up and down etc etc etc.

BASTARDS! I'm so angry right now. Why is it so difficult to find good customer service these days? They have exactly 1 day to fix this - I'm demanding my money back and saying screw 'em.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Workin It Out

I'm still here.

Just been spending my time at the gym. Getting ready for the cruise in 11 days!!

Lost 3 pounds in the 2 weeks I've been working out - trying to lose 5 so that when I get on the boat I can gain that 5 pounds back from all the delicious food I'll be eating.

Oh! and I got Mr.M his 40th birthday gift.


I'll be putting a small black and white picture of his favorite thing in the whole world in them. The kitten - our kitten - Olive. Except she's not a kitten - she's a 18 pound big girl.

Monday, February 13, 2006


I have felt very alone in the past week or so. Not really lonely - just alone. I visited my friend Jody with the new baby and met my other friend Bridget at the mall. We sipped coffee and strolled around. I'm with Mr.M every day and everynight. We sleep next to eachother, have ongoing conversations, laugh, joke, workout together, have sex, make love.

But I feel like no one hears me right now. Or maybe I'm not talking - I don't know which.

I have got to reclaim this space, this blog - as the place that I say exactly what I'm feeling. I don't care if it's a broken record - I don't care if every post is about the same damn thing day after day. I need to release it somewhere - no one is hearing me in my daily life so I have to put it somewhere. Somewhere where it can stay safe and unmarked. Somewhere where I can be vulnerable and scared without worrying that I've given up too much.

I'm alone and I need this space back. I don't know why I feel like I lost it. I guess I've been censoring myself. Feeling like if I write one more entry about marriage and the lack there of that I'm being pathetic. Maybe I am pathetic but the feelings are still real and the pain is still there. Whether or not I'm going to do anything about it is secondary. I just need a spot to put my feelings that is safe.

Cruise - 16 days.

Therapist - 1 month.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Old Man Turns 40

Mr.M is turning 40 in approximately 23 days. How do I know the exact number of days? Because we have paid good money to be sailing on the beautiful waters of the caribbean on that very day.

We are so excited we eat, sleep, and drink cruise. That's all we talk about - it's all we think about. We've been hitting the gym none stop since we booked it. Most people would be going to the gym to get "swimsuit ready". No - not us. Maybe because I will never be "swimsuit ready" - I have huge boobs and a little poochy belly - I'll never look like Adrian from America's Next Top Model.

We're working out so we can eat ourselves into a coma when we get on the boat. It's all about stamina people. The more we work out now -the more likely our metabolism will be at a place where we can burn some of those 3000 calories a day I plan to eat. Oh - and I'll be on the elyptical machine on the boat everyday too - just so I can eat my weight in filet mignon everynight - pass the cheesecake.

So here's the problem: What do you get for the man who has everything - literally.

Here's the initial list:

1. Bike - he bikes at the gym and it might be nice to have bikes for the summer when we don't feel like going into a hot gym and we'd like to enjoy the outdoors. He's never owned a bike - and may not ever take it out of the garage. I'd be taking a leap of faith here.

2. Bracelet - manly of course. When I got my wisdom teeth out they put me under so I had to remove my jewelry. I wear an ID bracelet from Tiffany and co. that he bought me 2 Christmases ago. He put it on while I was in surgery and didn't take it off for a week. It looked good on him. However - I'm no sure he'd wear something like this everyday and I don't know that it would mean as much to him as it would to me.

3. Nice bottle of Port Wine - as old as he is to enjoy on the boat the night of his birthday. Trouble is - Mr. M is pretty much a sober guy. He doesn't drink - I can count on one hand how many times I've seen him partake in a beverage. However, he does enjoy a nicely aged port. Might be difficult to smuggle onboard though.

4. A ring - of the platinum band variety. No - not a "will you marry me" ring. Just a "you're special to me" ring with a sweet inscription on the inside of it. The drawbacks of this choice could be huge. He could try and give it back or refuse to accept it. He could also wear it and make me quite happy that I got it for him. It's possible I should steer clear of this choice all together - simply because the possibility for him to have the "wrong" reaction is too great.

What do you think people? Any ideas?
Yes - he already has an expensive new watch.
Yes - he already has a LOT of beautiful ties and cuff links
Yes - he already has 2! ipods.
Yes - he already has a humidor that's bigger than the medicine cabinet for his plethora of finely aged cuban cigars.


I broke my blog.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Phase I Wedding Cake Series

Don't be fooled by it's lovely appearance. The fondant tastes like POO! Unfortunately this is the one the bride ended up liking - so I'm going to have to make my own fondant if I want it to taste decent.

If it were me - which it's not - but if it were I'd go with the Phase II cake without the strawberries. It tasted awesome with the raspberry/strawberry creme filling and the chocolate cake. The chocolate drizzle on the top hardened to make a really cool fudgy shell.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Phase II Wedding Cake Series

Look what I made

Phase I of the wedding cake series will be put up tomorrow - pictures are on another computer.