Friday, September 21, 2007

And The Universe Says YES!

Sorry ... just trying to figure out this mothering thing over here. I used to hate it when a blogger would drop off the face of the earth right after having a baby. Right when you were just getting so excited to see those big cheeks and read about all the snuggles... BAM. GONE... for weeks and sometimes months.

So, I guess I'm that blogger, because I never realized that maybe they had, I don't know, a LIFE. And a baby that maybe didn't sleep either.

We're working on the sleeping thing and still limping along with the breastfeeding. We have our good days and our difficult days. Some days I feel like mother earth, life giving, snuggling my baby girl breastfeeding her. Other days I feel like an over-milked cow and like I've been sucked dry. Probably because most times I have been sucked dry. I don't produce enough milk but we've reduced her formula supplementation to one bottle a day, which usually happens at night right before sleeping.

Speaking of sleeping - we're getting better on that too. Two steps forward one step back, but we're getting there. Two nights ago she slept from 10pm to 4am - which rocked! and then back to sleep till 8ish. Last night we slipped back a bit though as she woke up at 1, 3, 5, and 7. I was miserable after that and she was also not interested in her regular naptime at 2 this afternoon so I didn't get that little boost of sleep either.

Also some good news about work. I was told yesterday that I have been granted part-time when I come back from maternity leave (which is in two weeks!). Three days in the office and 2 days working from home for only 4 hours each of those days. My pay is pro-rated and I keep all my benefits including PTO, Holidays, and 401K. How sweet is THAT?! I never knew they did that kind of thing at my work - who knows maybe I'm a special situation but I ain't complaining that's for sure.

Here's my lovely: