Thursday, February 23, 2006


Why is it when you need a gift to arrive on a certain day and you order that gift well in advance so that you receive it on that day ----- WHY! does somebody always fuck it up???

I ordered Mr.M's 40th birthday gift almost 2 weeks ago. Knowing that I would want to have plenty of time to fix anything that had gone wrong.

I even had it shipped to my work so that someone would definitely be there if they needed someone to sign for it.

I checked it tonight because I thought it been a bit too long. UPS decided to change the address and ship it to Maple Grove, MN instead of shipping it to the FUCKING ADDRESS ON THE LABEL!!!

So I called redenvelope and asked what they plan to do about it. They said it could take 3 business days to ship me a new set of cufflinks because they are monogrammed. I told them that I ordered well in advance and it isn't my problem that they picked a company to ship the product that was unreliable.

They told me to call back tomorrow after they had followed up with UPS. So many things are wrong with the way this is being handled.

#1 when they realize that my cufflinks have gone somewhere they shouldn't have - they should have immediately put an order in for a replacement and overnighted them to me at no cost.

#2 they should follow up with UPS and call ME back tomorrow morning. I should not have to call them hoping they have remedied the problem.

#3 they should assure me that my product will arrive before I fly on Tuesday and apologize and kiss my ass up and down etc etc etc.

BASTARDS! I'm so angry right now. Why is it so difficult to find good customer service these days? They have exactly 1 day to fix this - I'm demanding my money back and saying screw 'em.


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