Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Don't Wanna Work No More

I have no interest in work. None. I'm completely distracted when I'm there - merely surfing the web or reading blogs. I rarely do actual work. When I am finally given a task that needs to be completed, I finish it quickly (I'm cursed with speed) and then doddle for another hour so as not to lead people to believe that I do indeed work fast.

This was something I learned right after college. I started noticing that the faster I worked - the more work was given to me. The better I did something - the more responsibility followed. I also should mention that a pay raise never seemed to go hand in hand with the responsibility. Frustrating as that was - I developed a strategy.

I don't want to seem like a slacker - because I am not. I really learn quickly and complete tasks quickly. I'm a wiz at all things excel related and can usually whip up some pretty professional report in a short amount of time. I'm a good worker - I just prefer to keep my head low. This is unlike my personal life in so many ways. I'm the middle child - I LOVE attention. I was in theater most of my life, sang in choirs and bands, participated in politics and student goverment. I love being noticed. I just don't love it at work.

When you get noticed at work - people coin you with things like "fast track", "over-achiever", "amazing attention to detail". When you recieve these "compliments" as a kid out of college you think - I'm doing it, I'm impressing them!!! YES! Then you start doing their work for them. You start working 12 hour days and busting your ass. You start getting put on committees because you're "excellent at organization." You figure out quickly that you aren't getting any more money and your bosses and their bosses are getting fat bonuses while you wallow in the dregs turning out "great work". Your hard work is paying for their new audi's and vacations to Italy.

This may all seem very selfish and bitter - but lets face it, it's true. At least when you work for a publicly traded company like I do that has branches all over the world. I've worked for the small companies - the mom and pop shops - they're different of course. But then again - you deal with a bit of un-professionalism and sometimes it's nice to be one of a crowd instead of the 1 go-to-girl.

Basically to sum up my rambling post - I'm tired of working. I'd like to retire now please. I know I know - I'm only 27 but really - I feel I've put my time in. I'll be in Arizona playing bridge with the over 60 crowd if you need me.


At 7:46 PM, Blogger jjjjjeanie said...

Hey Suzanne

Just came to your blog from another from another - when I was your age (now I feel ancient, only got 10 years on you) I too was that person...

As I put it to people, I then "slid down the greasy pole of success" and took LOTS of mac jobs.

Then I became a mother. Then I became a single mother. Then I was a student/mother/freelancer. Now I am procrastinating from finishing the application for my dream part time job because I realise I am now gun-shy about the overload that being too good at jobs can bring!!!

Oh, perfect world - I just want to balance it all - and sounds like you do to.

I am going to bookmark you - gotta find out what happens next!!

At 8:17 PM, Blogger Suzanne said...

jjjjeanie - aren't you sweet! I'm happy to know their is life after cocrporate burnout. Go for that part-time job. Just set those boundries. Like I know what the hell I'm talking about. sheeesh.



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