Friday, July 01, 2005

Drunkity Drunk Drunk

I attended my friend Nene's bday party last night and oooooh what a disaster it was.

We arrived a bit late but beat everyone else there, except Nene and her roommate. When I approached the table Nene seemed fine. Happy, glowing and smiling. Fine. She was drinking a margarita and her roommie was drinking a HONKING BIG ASS BEER.

Nene's family eventually all showed up and one of her old highschool friends who now has a 2 year old. ADORABLE CHILD! me and Mr. M couldn't stop staring at her she was so well behaved and lovely.

We order, we eat chips, yada yada. The server brings over a "birthday drink" for Nene. Flaming birthday drink that looks the color of molasses. She sucked it down... and within seconds she was slurring her words. It was very bizarre. Why would this one drink have that much of an effect on her?!? I whispered to Mr. M "is it just me or did she just get wasted instantaneously?" He confirmed that indeed she did.

Our food came, Nene ate a few bites got up to go to the bathroom stumbling and droopy eyed. We wondered if we should go with her... she returned in time as to not alarm us. Although her entire family was questioning her drunken behavior they were very Minnesotan in that they pursed their lips and pretended like everything was peachy and normal.

Nene then smeared a bunch of salsa all over her pretty new pink tank top. I tried to help her out and handed her my cardigan. Yes, I was then freezing but I didn't want her to LOOK like a drunk, even though she was acting like one. Finally she got up again to go to the bathroom, the same thing... stubbling etc. She was gone about 10 minutes and I decided that I too had to use the jane. Not really, I was just a bit concerned.

I found her doubled over the toilet throwing up in huge volumes. She was throwing up with such intensity that I was a bit concerned. I got her to open the door and escorted her to the roomier handicap stall where I could be in there with her. She was bawling and sobbing and throwing up and spitting. It was a mess. We were in their for about 30 minutes before her roommate came looking for us. I told her to bring the car around we had to get her out of there.

Her uncle came in to the WOMEN'S BATHROOM which I welcomed since he was much bigger and stronger and could do a way better job carrying her out than I could

We finally got her to the car ... still slobbering crying and drunk out of her mind. She grabbed me by the hair and begged and pleaded with me to come with her. I lied and told her I was right behind her. No worries honey, just go home.

I then had to give some bullshit explanation to her family who were all waiting for her at the table as to why she would not be returning. We left promptly after that.

I think my friend is an alcoholic. I'm not just saying that casually. I think she truly has a problem. She doesn't like herself and she's drinking everyday so she doesn't have to see who she is in the mirror anymore. She's trying to buffer her reality so she doesn't have to deal.

How do you tell a friend this?


At 12:12 PM, Blogger cursingmama said...

You don't, she already knows. You ask if she needs help and if she says yes you give her the number for AA and go with her to her first meeting with her.


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