Friday, June 03, 2005

Long Lost Angie

My freshman year at college was spent at Gustavus Adolphus in St. Peter Minnesota. It was a small private school in a small town with a lot of scandinavian rich kids. About 1/4 of the way through the year my parents informed us of there pending divorce.

My two siblings were shocked, I was not. I knew it was coming I just thought they might wait till my little sister was out of high school.

I began taking a lot of philosophy courses and women's studies courses. It's the longest I've ever gone without sex. I know those thing's shouldn't be a cause and effect relationship but it's true. When you're a new women's libber you are NOT interested in the dance of the dating. You are only interested in self defense courses and being a royal bitch. Which I was pretty good at.

I hated all of the girls on my dorm floor. They were blonde...every single one of them. They were plagued with eating disorders, fake tanning, and rich rich rich. I did not fit in. I got along with everyone... pretty much. I played the game. But I was outspoken and ballsy and usually the one they came to when some boy did them wrong.

It was a sea of clones... except for Angie.

Angie, thank god, was my roommate. She was not like the rest. She was not rich, she was not fake tanned, and she most definitely did not have an eating disorder. She was skinny, yes, but she was a little spitfire - she joined rugby and she's probably 110 pounds and 5 foot nothing.

She stood up to me. That's what I liked the best. She would go to the mattresses and fight like hell with me when I was being a bitch. She would yell louder and turn redder. She was awesome. I loved her for that.

When I left GAC nobody was surprised. Not even Angie. However, she was the only one to shed a tear. She was upset that I had chosen to leave her. I loved her for that too.

We lost touch because that's what I do when I leave people. I leave them mind body and soul. I never look back and never talk about them again.

Until I looked around one day and I had no more girlfriends. Well I have Nene but she's being so much of a downer lately I need someone positive in my life. The first person that came to my mind was Angie. She was always the shining light of a dark time.

So I tracked her down. Found her email address on an elumni page and hoped for the best. She emailed me back this morning and she's just as happy as I am to have found her.

We're meeting tomorrow afternoon for dessert and gossip. I can't wait.

I found my long lost Angie.


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