Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Dr. Laura = Evil Conservative Biaatch

Ok, so maybe the title of the post is a little harsh, but DEAR GOD, my ears are bleeding.

I went to meet Mr. M for lunch today in Uptown at Galooney's pizza. MMM, Galooney's rocks. On my way there I was listening to the talk radio station I usually tune in to on my way home from work. I had no idea that this Dr. Laura woman was on over the lunch hour but now that I do I will definitely be tuning out. WHOA!

When I was in college I believe she briefly had a day time talk show and I remember catching a show here or there and not liking it. I don't remember being knocked flat on my ass by her commentary though. I have read the criticism of her because at the time of her show there was this big hubbub about how she's not really a Dr. at all and that she's a fake, la la la.

So I'm in my car heading to meet my sweet man for a delicious and special lunch and I hear her talking to some poor woman. The woman is rather shaken because she just found out that her husband of however many years has been having an affair. She found this out through her daughter who "accidentally" read his email. The woman wanted to know how to address the subject with her children and what to say, she also wanted to know if she should get them counseling. Dr. Laura responded by mocking the poor woman, "OH MY, what did we all do thousands of years ago when we didn't have therapists?!? What could we POSSSIBLY do without a therapy?!"

Excuse me Dr. Laura, but aren't you being a bit of a hypocrit suggesting that your own self proclaimed profession is a bunch of hooey? I do think this woman should at least get counseling for her children and herself. Dr. Laura however thinks nobody needs any therapy and all she has to do is talk to her children and they'll be fine. If her asshole husband doesn't want to talk with her to the children then he needs to pack his bags.

errrr I'm sorry WHAT?

That was only the first of a long line of completely out there responses she gave to people during my 15 minute drive. She also told a woman who had severe sexual abuse occur when she was a child to "stop blathering on and answer my question!WHY DIDN"T THE COUNSELING WORK!".

Well I got news for you Dr. Laura. I will see a therapist if I want to damnit, I will send my children to therapy if I want to, I will NOT refer to myself as "my husband's wife and my children's mother" - because I am entirely more than just that. Of course, that is if I were actually married OR had children.



At 8:07 PM, Blogger Prochein Amy said...

I am so there with you! She also says that it is unacceptable to work and have children. There is NO EXCUSE, unless you are a single mother. WTF?!?!?!

The only "jewel" I have found in her views is that people are not putting their kids first. Just because you want to be free does not mean you should divorce and let your partner raise your kids. Once you become a parent, your number 1 priority should be your kids. You should do what ever it takes to raise them and be there for them. Once they are out of the house, then you can do what you want. I have to agree with this - since I think may people are selfish and divorce because it is easier for them, making the kids suffer at no fault of their own.

But other than that, she can be very mean spirited, just like your said - BIAATCH!!!

At 10:44 AM, Blogger Suzanne said...

Amy - I totally agree with you on the parenting thing. She does have a few good points about responsibility to your children and being responsible for yourself. But other than that... I'd like her to put a sock in it.


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