Monday, May 23, 2005

Communication Error

Ring Ring Ring

Agency (judy): [bored sounding voice mumbling] amuuricanreeesearchtheesisjuuudyhowmayhulpyou.

Me: Hi this is Suzanne calling from International Corp. I'm calling about the Rootbeer Tracker Study.

Judy: WHO?!

Me: Suzanne from International Corp. you are doing a Rootbeer Tracking Study for us.

Judy: [hand muffled over phone] ssshhhhrrccchrrkkeer rootbeer study ssshhrrrkkkerr Corp. National something or other sshrhreekkkess. [removes hand from phone] Um yea the person you want to talk to isn't here. Her name is Bridget. Can I help you?

Me: I just need to know why your quota wasn't completed for last week and if you think it's going to be a problem finishing quota this wave?

Judy: well we had a virus in our computer. But we're cleaning it soon so we'll start again.

Me: When are you "cleaning it"?

Judy: today. Or tomorrow.

Me: and when will Bridget be back in?

Judy: Next weekend.

Me: well, that's a little late to be doing all of your quota from last week and next week's quota. May I speak to your manager?

Judy: yes, can I get your telephone number?

Me: well you should have it since you've been working on this study for almost 6 months now but yes, 867-5309. Isn't your manager there? What's your manager's name?

Judy: Marie, here she is, I'll try to get ahold of Bridget while you're on the phone with her.

Marie: Hi this is Marie

Me: Hi Marie this is Suzanne from International Corp. I'm wondering why the quota wasn't completed for last week on the Rootbeer Tracking study?

Marie: I don't know anything about this study.

Me: aren't you the manager?

Marie: no, Charlotte is.

Me: May I speak to Charlotte then please?

Marie: no she retired?

Me: [sigh] alright, WHO is the acting manager for your facility?

Marie: Judy is.

Me: I just spoke to Judy and she said it was you.

Marie: [yelling across the room] Why did you tell her I knew anything about this study I don't even know what this is!!!

Me: Excuse me... excuse me... Marie?? I'll just wait for Bridget to call me.

Marie: do you have a 800 number?

Me: yes. it is 1-800-867-5309. Thanks, bye.

[10 minutes later]

ring ring ring

Me: Hi this is Suzanne

Bridget: Hi did you call about the Rootbeer study?

Me: yes, I was wondering about why you didn't finish your quota.

Bridget: I only come in on Sunday's and your server was down so I couldn't do any.

Me: why didn't you call me, my emergency cell is on the study guide for that very reason.

Bridget: Sorry I didn't know. We should be able to get it done this week.

Me: so you're starting today then? I heard you had a virus?

Bridget: no, they don't know what they are talking about over there. I only come in on Sunday's.

Me: only on Sunday's? Why is that?

Bridget: well, I don't really work there I just work this study.

Me: I see.


Note to self, change that agency next wave.


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