Friday, May 20, 2005

And For My Fans

The recent addition of the sidebar RetroStats button is proving to be more of an obsession than anything else. Of the 19 total visitors I'm not sure how many are me. I would guess that they restart each 24 hours because I highly doubt that 19 individual people have stopped by my blog. Plus 2 of those 19 are definitely me since I use my blogroll from work and home.

So for the rest of my 17 adoring fans who don't comment and must have stumbled here by mistake... I give you a post.


My friend whom I spoke of yesterday has finally responded to my email in a way that I find satisfactory and I am now willing to continue the friendship with her. However I am extremely hesitant due to the fact that what kind of friend flips on you like that. What kind of friend takes out their own insecurities on you? NO LIKEY.

This weekend I'm looking foward to lots of ass time. I'm gonna sit on my ass like nobody has EVER sat on their ass. Naturally you'll find me at the gym between 7-8 everynight making up for the serious ass time.

In related ass news, I need a new pair of jeans as it seems my old standby (translate: fave jeans) have decided to go all tight on me. Making it semi painful to sit at my desk with the button cramming into my belly and the thigh seams making lines on my inner thighs. Say it with me now people... WTF!

I work out, I try to watch what I eat (please do not bring up the starburst episode from yesterday or I'm likely to spit fire) and I still have the seam lines on my thighs from my old favorite jeans. Because yes they are now my OLD favorite as they have BETRAYED ME! I have one pair of jeans that I refer to as my "fat jeans" because that's exactly what they are for, fat days. They are way loose on me though as they are a size 12! and could possibly drop to the floor if I raise my hands above my head. So I save them for gardening and around the house chores. Apparently I find it easier to show my ass crack to my neighbors while knee deep in dirt than to my co-workers.

As you may or may not have noticed I've added a few peeps to my sidebar addiction reads. Corporate Mommy had a post a few weeks back about the whole blogroll thing and what it should be vs. what people make it. I agree that I don't like the snobby cool kids thing where they segment the people they loooove from the people they feel obliged to put on their site.

Let it be known hence forth - the blogroll you see on your right is the sites I actually read and I actually like. I would expect the same from everyone else. If somebody has me on their blogroll for a polite reason, please by all means delete it. If you don't really read my blog, that's ok, you don't have to put me on your blogroll. So, in conclusion - I'm not a cool kid in the blogosphere so I won't act like one. If I like how you write and it applies to me in some way, you're there. If I don't know your name and you have a blog that I've never read... you ain't there.



At 9:30 PM, Blogger Elizabeth Blair York said...

Pshaw on the cool kids thing. Pshaw, I say!

You get to work in jeans? Me too! I could also work naked, but then I get funny marks in my ass from the leather seat.

You're very wise to realize that most people are talking about themselves when they are complimenting or condemning you. Just remember to develop mentors, people more senior than yourself, that you can go to for REAL advice.

One of my favorite mentors is now, actually, a peer of mine. Another is someone I used to just loathe. He was this nasty customer who my company later hired. After a few years of working together, I realized that his personality may be a pill but his brain was first class. Now he is the mentor I call on most often, because whne he tells me something about ME (especially the crtical stuff) I know it is true, and blunt, and I can take wisdom from it.

You're so bright and observant, a rising star. If you find some coaches that will tell it to you straight and help you navigate the waters, there is no limit to your future!

At 8:46 AM, Blogger Helen said...

You can probably alter your stats to not recognize your own visits. I know Site Meter does that, maybe Retro Stats would, too.

And I have you linked. I may not often comment, but I try to stop by when I have a breathing break :)

At 10:01 AM, Blogger Suzanne said...

Thanks guys! You are both two of my "must reads" in the morning.

Elizabeth: thanks for the advice! My boss now is the most straight forward and smart business woman I have come across. I look to her for most of my mentoring needs.

At 8:10 PM, Blogger Prochein Amy said...

Putting any/everyone on your blogroll is like giving everyone participation ribbons. I want to win and get a medal!!! It is much more of an honor to be on someones blogroll is you know it is because they read you. And even better if their blogroll is short!


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