Monday, May 02, 2005

Just a Few Ways To Annoy Me

1. don't finish the quota I assigned you
2. don't say anything about the missed quota until I call you and ask
3. be un-apologetic about the quota you missed
4. be un-helpful when asked to give suggestions for remedying the situation
5. send me emails asking what the job number is for entering a report - knowing full well you've worked on this job for 4 waves now.
6. send me emails about a job I'm not working on after being reminded nine MILLION times.

and... just some other random things that are annoying me currently:
1. belly hangs over my jeans
2. belly isn't shrinking after 4 continuous months of working out
3. busting my ass on the elyptical machine/weights 3-5 times a week and I've GAINED weight
4. getting a weird raised mole on my FRICKIN LIP PEOPLE! WTF!
5. stupid red bumps on the back of my arms that look like little pimples but aren't
6. can't get an appointment with a dermatologist until I see a regular Physician who's just going to refer me to a dermatologist. Which will then cost me 50 bucks instead of 30.
7. best friend isn't paying boyfriend the money she owes him to the tune of 800 dollars. So I paid it instead - cause I just won't have my friends screwing my BF out of money.

I'll think of more... this is just the surface stuff right now - feels good to get it out eh?

end rant.


At 8:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey i used to read your od and when you switched i read your blog every now and agin :) but about the red bumps on your arms i have the same thing and what i find that helps me the most is to use a body scrub and use lotion every day preferably with vitamin e and shea butter...i went to a dermatologist and my remedy worked better than their prescription...anyway hope it helps you some and if you ever want to check me out i have a livjournal user name is puggle :) hope you have a great rest of the week


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