Sunday, April 24, 2005

Baking Disaster #237

I attempted a recipe today knowing it was a tough one. Knowing full well that my oven is circa 1950 and doesn't bake evenly or hot enough.

So I guess I got what I deserved. FAILURE!

The recipe was called "yodels". It is simply home made swiss cake rolls (or hoho's if you will). So you're supposed to make the thin spong cake in jelly roll pans, then make the creamy whipped filling then roll, freeze, and dip in bittersweet chocolate - freeze again.

Simple right?! ummmm not so much.

My sponge cake ended up being crispy on the outside edges and mushy in the middle causing it to actually STICK to my wax paper. I thought nothing was supposed to stick to wax paper. Rolling that kind of sponge cake ended up being the disaster. No I have something that looks more like a flat omelet lookin thing.

Unfortunately I have all these lovely ingredients now made with no place to put them. Caramel whipped cream with sour cream mixed in. now WHAT am I going to do with that? I think I have a good idea... where's my spoon.


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