Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Not So Bad

I realize that I write more about what pains me than anything else in my life. For some reason I'm only inclined to blog when I'm feeling my most tension, angst, or pain. Unfortunately this doesn't give a very good representation of myself.

Not that this is supposed to be some sort of image of me... but I want to be able to look back at my blog and be able to see the happy things that I have lived through not just the turmoil.

So on that note... I am going to compile a small list of the things I like about daily life right now.

1. Mr. M (of course he's at the top of the list!)
2. My kitten .. who's not really a kitten at all more like a HUGE round ball of fur (16 lbs to be exact)
3. I live in a house, not an apartment or condo... a house with a yard and my own kitchen and I can paint the walls or redecorate however I want. (even though it's actually Mr. M's house he gives me full decoration rights).
4. I own a lovely upright piano that is black lacquer shiny. I LOVE it shiny. It's got such a lovely full rich sound. Tone quality is more like a grand than any other upright I've played.
5. Cake Decorating Class starts tonight! can't wait!
6. Actually like my job right now. I mean... like REALLY like it. Company respects its employees and TRUSTS its employees which is a much welcomed feeling compared to the last place ..ewww
7. Working out 3-5 times a week. Now, if I could just lose a few pounds I'd be more happy about this one.
8. Financially comfortable. Not to mention Mr. M is quite a bit more than just comfortable which is always a nice little safety net if need be.
9. Mr. M's mother... saint is probably the only word to describe her. She loves me and I love her.
10. My family - although they piss me off at times, they are always there no matter if you told them to Fuck off yesterday or not.
11. Lush bath and body products... which reminds me I need to restock. If only it wasn't so expensive!
12. baking.. I love to bake. Cookies, cakes, pies, breads, everything. I like it even more if I have people who want to eat it.
13. Singing. I think I might get into some summer theater. Just for old times sake.
14. Free laundry. That goes with the house.. but I will NEVER take that for granted.
15. New clothes. They feel and look so nice. Then you wash them... and the shiny brand new magic washes away.
16. Baking gadgets. If you were to look at my amazon wish list (located in the right sidebar) you'd see I have a serious obsession with baking paraphanalia.
17. New hairbrush... feels so nice.
18. Sitting on the porch at night listening to early choral music with soaring soprano or contratenor parts while snuggling under a blanket rubbing eachothers toes to keep warm. now that is bliss.
19. sleeping in, especially when it's a bit cold in the house and the down comforter is warm and toasty.

did I mention mr. m?

yea, I thought so.


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