Monday, April 04, 2005

1st Time For Everything

First time blogging half drunk.

Ok, maybe not half... definitely half the bottle so... probably more like all the way drunk.

I dropped him at the airport today. London bound.

I love that man.

I had separation anxiety, literally. I started to get short of breath, got hot, started sweating, heart beating... the whole deal.

I told him I was internalizing his anxiety (he doesn't travel well). But, I knew what it was. I was nervous to sleep alone for five days.

That's pathetic, isn't it.

I've been single for long stretches of time in my life before. And, by long I mean, 6-9 months. hehe. Now THAT is pathetic.

I've slept alone for years... why is it so difficult now. Why do I feel I need to drink half a bottle of wine in order to sleep alone and not worry about the sounds the house is making or that when I roll over the warmth of him isn't there?

One word.


more tomorrow, when I'm not a big drunk dork.


At 5:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too need copious amounts of alcohol to sleep when I am sleeping alone. I dunno why-it's not like I am so wildly depressed or anything, I just can't sleep without imbibing.

Everyday Stranger


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