Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Islands Are Calling

I decided the other day that Mr. M and I need a vacation. Maybe it was because I read
everydaystranger's vacation stories in Hawaii.

I feel the need to define vacation in this context. A vacation to me would be at least 5 days preferably 10 in a place where we didn't know anyone and nobody knew us. Where we didn't have to meet so-and-so for lunch or dinner. Where we didn't have to wear our watches or have our cell phones on. Where we wouldn't take our laptops.

The reason I need to define this is because Mr. M has a habit of thinking a "vacation" is when you go to a place you used to live and see family and friends. Granted, I have nothing against this sort of outing and the places he used to live ARE normal vacation spots AND I enjoy being with Mr. M's family and friends. BUT... I feel the need for relaxation and the outings that Mr. M goes on are NOT relaxing. Constantly synchronizing watches, planning meeting times, picking dinner places that everyone can find something to eat at.

I have decided where we need to go...


I've been reading about it all day... it's amazing. Once I get on a path, good luck distracting me. I've decided we should go in September of next year because Mr. M's job will be cooling down after the summer busy season and I'll have enough PTO saved up.

The cost, is a bit of an issue, but if I saved for 6 months! I'd have it no problem. Well, technically I have it now... but you get the point. I'm finding that flight/hotel is around $1500-$2000 per person. Unfortunately the sites that specialize in the Mediterranean vacations seem a bit sketchy and Northwest Airlines suck a big fatty when it comes to booking international flights.

So... my dreams are in place, now just making them happen will be the tough part.

Oh.. and convincing Mr. M - now THAT will really be the tough part.


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