Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Steven Spielberg Lives In My House

Mr. M has gotten a verbal agreement from a well known and very established online gaming company that they will be funding his television show. He has written and produced with the show with help from a small team of people. His partner Mannie (its a chick that looks like a duuude), his buddy Homer (editing), and various other peeps.

The details are thus:

said online gaming company (lets call them MoneyBucks) have now given verbal agreement and will then be signing a hard copy contract on Monday. At that time they will wire half of the agreement amount of $465,000.00 to Mr. M's television show bank account. As soon as the money shows up in the account we do a little dance, give big kisses and hugs and Mr. M gets his ass in gear and rounds up the people in waiting to start pre-production. Yada yada yada 12 weeks later they have 6 completed shows edited and ready to go on air. At which time they will get 1/4 of the original agreed upon amount wired to the bank account. The day the first show airs on TV the remaining 1/4 will be deposited in the account.

So what does this mean for us???

Mr. M may have to quit his rather lucrative job. Which he is all for since he's done such a spectacular job that he's worked him self into boredom. When everything runs smoothly there's nothing for the big boss to do... ya know?

This may in turn mean that I will have to put him on my health insurance, making him my legal domestic partner. ( I work for a very progressive company that allows such a thing). In which case I would have to say, DUDE... come on this is ridculous let's just get married.

Mr. M may travel for 3/4 of the next 12 weeks. Leaving me home, alone, and missing him. He will be in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Mississippi, and anywhere else that might have tournaments in which to showcase on his new show. This is all very exciting to him and when I've asked him in the past how we would survive such a thing he seemed apathetic. Or maybe I should say, he felt it wouldn't affect us, but would rather make us closer. BLAH BLAH BLAH BULLSHIT.

If by chance a second season is asked for by either the network OR MoneyBucks, Mr. M will be stinkin filthy rich and will most likely have to move to Las Vegas or LA. I will either be invited or NOT invited to join him in his new life path. My friend Monica says, that this would also be the time where a ring would have to appear or else .... yea, I don't want to think about the "or else".

I'm at peace with this. If it would have happened two months ago I would have been a nervous wreck... will he leave me? will I leave him? do I want to be alone this much? But now, I've got an odd sense of serenity on the issue. Whatever happens, happens. My life will lead me to where I am suppose to be.

don't believe a word of that bullshit. I'll be hysterical by Monday.


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