Sunday, February 06, 2005

The Woman With The Big Shiny Ring

Yesterday I used my Saturday as most corporate people do, I went shopping and did errands. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond, knowing full well that you can't get out of that store without dropping at least $75.

I only picked up a basket, hoping that it might curb my spedning frenzie. No luck. Half way through I grabbed a big cart. When I signed my credit card receipt, it read $112.

I can't help it, I'm on a baking/cooking kick and I just couldn't leave all those trinkets and gadgets.

The bag I walked away with held the following contents:
Microplane with handle
One handed pepper grinder
Pyrex 4 quart with handle liquid measuring dish
Olive oil bottle with pouring spout
Sylicone Spatula
Good grips spatula
Flannel White Sheets (50% off!)
Suit Hangers for Mr. M
Yellow washclothes
Stainless Steel Measuring cups

I swear there had to be more than just that for $112!!!

Usually on my days off I don't shower in the morning and my hair is pulled back in a messy ponytail, and today was no different. No makeup either.

As I was sitting at a stoplight on my way home, I looked over and saw this woman. She was perfection. Her hair was neatly smoothed in a bob that came to her chin. She had porcelain skin and perfect makeup - not too much not too little. She wore a burgandy sweater that had a turtleneck. She was thin and delicate and the image of perfection. A small piece of hair fell into onto her cheek and as she brush it away I saw the glint of a diamond wedding ring. I looked into her back seat and there was one car seat buckled in.

I wondered about this woman. Do you think she looks at me or anyone else for that matter and envies their lives? Is there ever a point where us women are happy with our own lives and never look at another with a sense of "what if"?

When I looked at her, I wanted her life. I wanted a marriage and a child. Forget the looks, I dont care about that. Which made me wonder if outside appearances of someone elses life are so correct. That woman, she may hate her life. She may resent her husband for everything and anything. She may wish she didn't have the commitments and pressure of a child. She may look at me and want my independence or my carefree weekends.

are we ever happy with what we have? or are we always going to be looking at the woman with the big shiny ring?


At 5:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can totally relate. Every time I go into Williams-Sonoma, I end up overspending. In addition, the sad thing is that I do not really cook since I live alone.

As for your question re are we ever happy with what we have, I would say no. People are continually setting goals for themselves and if they do not achieve, they get sad. For example, I know alot of successful professional women who are unhappy because they yearn for a husband. Once they have gotten the husband, they get restless for kids. Then once they have the kids, most are reaching for something else. It is a never-ending cycle.



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