Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Open Door

Last night I had dinner with my sister and her boyfriend at one of my FAVE restaurant's here in the Twin Cities, Definitely comes with a high recommendation from me and everyone I've pursuaded to join me. If you're going, have an empenada for an appetizer (don't worry they're small enough to not fill you up). I also recommend having one of the soltados for your meal. ABSOLUTELY amazing. Don't let the "french fries" throw you, you'll see what I mean when you order it.

When I got home from dinner it was around 9:30 and I decided to go and read some in bed before I fell asleep, since Mr. M is still not home.

When I was walking up our narrow stairs I noticed that it was REALLY cold upstairs. When I got to the top of the steps I realized why. The porch door was wide open allowing the frigid Minnesota air in. I had my Dad on the phone already and told him that I was gonna keep him on the phone while I searched the entire house for whomever decided it would be nice to enter my warm little home.

I proceeded into every room with my heartbeat pounding and giant wooden stick ready to strike. We have a 103 year old house so you can imagine that it is already scary all by itself. The basement is the worst, even in the daytime it's somewhere that I enter and exit as quickly as possible.

I made it through the whole house without catching the bandit. THANK GOD! Then I went on to check the valuables. But seeing as the numerous computers we have weren't missing OR my dish full of jewelry I figured it was all good.

I then locked every door in the house, checked them twice, shut off all the lights and went to bed, where I called Mr. M. He says, "I'm sorry you're scared baby, but it was probably just the wind that blew the door open."

Although I would like to believe this it would have taken a mighty strong wind. It's a heavy glass and wood door. But, he may be right since the screen door was still shut.

I had trouble falling asleep, sure that every little sound I heard must be the boogie man who snuck in my door. Once I was asleep though, I was totally out.

I'm not good at this alone thing, especially in a big giant house. He's coming home tonight. :D


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