Wednesday, January 05, 2005

But Everyone TOLD me to!

I've been here before, started at least two other blogs, none of which made it to day two even. There is a reason for that though...


Pure and simple. I felt guilty having a blog knowing that Mr. M had requested that nothing about him ever meet the internet blog scene. Which is ironic since he has a blog of his own. Of course his blog contains only concrete things. Never a feeling crosses those pages. Its always "this is what happened today" or "this is my new project".

Don't get me wrong I love reading his blog. But mine will not be like that. OH NO... not for a worry-wart, ranting, moody-girl like me. I couldn't even if I tried.

So why is try #3 going to be the one that sticks? Because everybody TOLD me to do it!

and by that I mean, I've had several requests from people in my life to start my own blog. Granted none of them will ever know about it (hopefully). One of the regular commenters on Mr. M's blog actually posted a comment saying "for as much as Suzanne gets talked about on this page she should really have a blog of her own". to which I replied... yes, you're right.

So here's to a new beginning.


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