Thursday, January 06, 2005

Sweatin to the oldies

I decided last month that I was sick and tired of the way my body looked and felt. My jeans are tight, my bras are huge... I'm just damn sick of it. One day while at work struggling with the waistline of my jeans cutting into my stomach while I sat at my desk I hit rock bottom.

I called Mr. M and said, "that's it, I'm sick of being fat... how bout you".

He said, he was ready to be healthy as well. So we went hunting for the perfect gym that could accomodate both of us. Him, never having been to a gym in his life needed to feel un-intimidated but also have room to learn how to use all of the equipment. I needed there to be a pool (because almost every other machine makes my breasts hurt so bad its not worth it), I also needed there to be a plethora of elyptical machines (the one machine that allows me to get a workout without wearing three sport bras at a time).

I just realized half way through this post that I'm describing myself maybe not so accurately. I'm 150 lbs right now and 5'4''. So, I'm not obese by any means. Just time to get back to comfortable and sexy 125. I always liked 125... it was comfortable, yet curvy.

Last night we went to the gym, my third time, Mr. M's fourth. He's doing really well, pushing himself a bit too hard, though. I did 25 minutes on the elyptical and then some weight training (abs, triceps, back). He did close to 45 minutes total cardio sweatin his balls off.

Hopefully this will make me feel better, make my clothes fit better... and more importantly make me feel sexy again.


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