Monday, January 10, 2005

Trials and Tribulations of Employment

I just came from a really bad work environment. Started my new job about two months ago and its like heaven in comparison.

I'll get into the details of the Hell of the other job some other time.

But, today... today I must rant about jobs, and the lack there of.

I can count off the top of my head at least 5 friends/family that can't find jobs right now. All of which have years of experience in their fields and/or degrees.
This pisses me right off.

Big D has 20+ years of experience in computer networking!! I remember when I started college everyone was told computers were where the money was. They couldn't hire 'em fast enough. And now my dear friend Big D is struggling to feed his children and pay his mortgage. Too humble to ask us for money I think. But please Big D, just ask.

Sierra my old boss at "job from hell" got out about three weeks before I did. At the time it was very much like a sinking ship and many people jumped without a life raft in sight. She's been out of work for going on three months now. 5+ years experience as a Marketing Manager. Experience in project design and implementation. Granted, I wouldn't hire her, she has no degree and really me and my co-worker Jeffraaaaay did most of her work. But, we sure did make her look good. Nonetheless you'd figure SOMEONE would hire her being that her resume looks impressive.

BigBro can't find a job either. He's got a degree and some intern experience. Tried to get into the peace corp to no avail, since even THEY are being picky lately. Gotta have the right kind of degree these days, gotta have at least 200+ hours of volunteerism. Can't just... I don't know... WANT TO HELP PEOPLE!!! sheesh.

Ex Co-worker H2 can't get a job. Not that I know if she's trying very hard. Same goes for R1 and H1. Like I said, everybody jumped, only Jeffraaaaay and I had jobs waiting to cushion our fall.

Who's getting those jobs out there?? Who ARE you .. you overqualified, overachieving, underpaid punks! Leave the entry level to the college grads, there's a reason they don't pay anything, its because we dont' have mortgages! So come on employers, loosen up those hiring freezes, re-organize your org charts, give the little people a chance.

More importantly, somebody tell the Shrub to hurry up these four years so we can get our economy back.

end rant.


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