Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Sing It Sista

Throughout my life I have waivered between accepting my true talents and denying them. I know most people would say, this is crazy! why would you deny you had a talent?!? Well, I guess you'd have to know my family to understand that one.

My family is the equivalent to the Osmonds. Except, that we are into choral music instead of bellbottoms and floral shirts. I guess I'd have to expand that... not just choral music, but classical, jazz, operatic, orchestral, and pretty much everything else that requires some brain power. (no that wasn't a diss to the pop stars of the world... except that it was).

I could give you the laundry list... and I think I shall:
  • Grandpa plays pretty much anything you put in his hands, has a Doctorate in Divinity and sings Bass.
  • Grandma likes to hum along, but reminds me of the 50's ladies voices in those sweeping lounge songs.
  • Uncle Tim plays EVERYTHING, especially classical guitar and jazz piano very well. He has a masters and is all but finished with his Doctorate in Music Education. He sings Bass (when he has a cold) Baritone (on a normal day) and Tenor (when he's feeling daring).
  • Uncle Paul has a Doctorate in Choral Conducting and is a choral conductor at a well established private college. His choirs have sung everywhere from Kennedy Center to Carnegie Hall. He sings Baritone (if we let him) and Tenor (if we make him).
  • Aunt Suzi plays amazing classical piano and has a Doctorate in Piano Performance. She is currently a professor at the same college as Uncle Paul and teaches piano (naturally). She sings Alto and has perfect pitch. When I say perfect pitch, I mean... literally give me an "A" and she hums an "A".
  • Mom plays everything especially piano and saxaphone back in the day. She is currently writing her thesis to get her Doctorate in Elementary Music Education. She teaches at an elementary school and is currently hating it (she feels under paid and under appreciated, don't you love the way our society treats teachers). Mom sings Alto (if you make her), Tenor (if she's daring) and Soprano (as much as she is allowed to).
  • Sister Sarah plays french horn and piano and is currently working towards an undergrad double major of Marketing and Music. She sings Soprano, but only for family choir sessions.
  • Cousin Meganne plays flute and piano and is currently working toward an undergrad degree in what I think might be Music Therapy but she's struggling between that and vocal performance. Meganne sings Soprano, always... we wouldn't want her anywhere else. She's about 105 pounds and will BLOW YOU AWAY when she opens her mouth.
  • I guess that leaves me then. played clarinet on scholarship my freshman year of college. Transferred schools and lives to start singing in the choir where I eventually graduated from. I also play piano, sax, and a tini tiny bit of violin (we're talkin twinkle twinkle people). I did not however major in Music. I want to make money, and that isn't the way.

So... the laundry list explains a lot of things I'm sure. For much of my life I denied that I knew how to sing or play an instrument. Especially when I moved to MN from ND. It wasn't cool in MN to be in music or the arts... and so I put my head down and followed the crowd. I continued to be in band and piano because my parents threatened to ground me for life.

It wasn't until my senior year that the school was putting on a musical (as they did every year) that I decided it was time. I joined the choir again that year after a ten year hiatus. The only reason I tried out for the musical this year was because I liked what they were doing "Bye Bye Birdie" and I knew the part was for me "Rosie". I got the part... and it was total controversy. OH NO - The popular girl who usually sticks to politics and sports came in and stole the lead role from the usual theater people. I love shocking people

Later when I transferred colleges I decided it was time to sing again. I tried out for the college choir and was accepted into the top choir as an alto. I never doubt these things when they happen but everyone around me always acts so shocked. I don't mean to sound over confident, but I know this is my talent. I sang with them for three years. I also auditioned for the gospel group which I totally LOVED. Cause I got to sing in my stage voice instead of my choral voice. It gave me a chance to be on stage again and belt like a mofo.

After graduating I went into another hibernation from music. Until I met Mr. M. He reminded me why I loved it. I bought a piano at his encouragement. And last night, I started singing again. I joined my college's alumni choir.

My vocal cords were definitely out of shape. But... hopefully it'll be a good thing.

I'm back.


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