Monday, February 14, 2005

PopCorn Anyone?

Yesterday I spent half the day decorating cupcakes and cookies with sprinkles and pink/white frosting. My friend Monica is Betty Crocker incarnate and I hope to achieve her status someday. I was ranting and raving about how Mr. M had made a reservation at one of our fave restaurants. Its about 45 minutes outside of town and is set in this quaint historic bed and breakfast. It's called Schumachers, and as you might have guessed it serves german food.

Monica was ooing and gooing over how nice that will be for the both of us. Then her husband turns to her and says, "I suppose I should tell you now, we're going too". We both stared at him not quite registering what he was saying. Turns out him and Mr. M secretly planned a valentine's dinner for two and neither of us knew the other was going. Pretty sneaky I must say.

So I went home cleaned the house (which is normal Sunday routine for me) and got dressed up in a knee length black pencil skirt, mary jane slip on's with a little black bow on the strap, a baby blue cami and a black cardigan. Put on my pearls and pearl earrings and set out into the rain that had now become a blizzard.

We had a lovely meal, we just love spending time with Monica and Mikey... they're the only example of a happily married couple we know. They also have a lovely little 6 month old that we fondly refer to as The WEECHY. Don't ask me how that name got started, but for her sake I hope it gets dropped soon.

We braved the un-plowed roads back home and I snuggled into bed with my Mr. M with a full tummy and a full heart.

This morning I woke early knowing the roads would be bad and got ready for work. I left Mr. M a plate of pink cupcakes and cookies with a little card taped to his computer. I also brought the remaining cookies/cupcakes to work to distribute to all those deserving.

I'm always nervous on Valentine's day, more so now than ever. I always set myself up for distruction. I tell myself, don't expect anything, don't plan on getting anything, don't hope for anything, and most of all don't wish for a ring.

Mr. M has come through the second year in a row by sending me
something similar to this with a note that read:

My Little Starfish - Happy Valentine's Day.
This is easier to share with workmates than flowers, eh?
Lots of Love,
Mr. M

No ring, but I'll settle for popcorn and goodies for now. I do love this man.


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