Sunday, March 06, 2005

There Are Strangers Amongst Us

This morning I was sitting down to breakfast with my mother (who's visiting) and Mr. M.

I took my hand and brushed my fingers through my messed up morning hair. As I put my fingers in my hair and brushed it out of my face Mr. M's eyes got REALLY huge. I said, "WHAT?!?"

He said, you have a gray hair!

I screamed... NO NO NO I'm only 25!!! Then I ran aroung screaming, GET IT OUT GET IT OUT!!!!

Mom pulled it out. I ran to the mirror in the bathroom, turns out I have three more. How the HELL did this happen! I'm only 25! Mr. M also told me to not pull out anymore, cause as you know it's a proven fact that if you pull one out, two grow in its place.

So... all of you twenty something women out there.... beware... there are strangers amongst us... or should I say.. amongst your beautiful tresses.



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