Friday, April 08, 2005

Please Pass The Chivalry

Today on my lunch break I decided to go to Boston Market and get a caeser salad. I wanted something light and knew that they freshly toss their salads.

I parked the car and was walking in at about the same time as a string of 5 gentleman ranging in age from about 27-35 I would say.

As I was walking up to the entrance I realized that I'd be meeting them at the door so I started to slow down a bit since I hate the door holding. Sorry, let me clarify. I don't hate it when Mr. M does it or when my Dad does it, but I hate it when it's some dude I don't know and they wait an extra long time when they see you coming only to hold the door for you so you have to mumble "thanks" as they check out your ass when they follow you in.

So, I tried to go slow... so as to avoid this situation I really can't stand. Unfortunately that didn't work out... the WHOLE CREW (5 guys!) waited for me to get to the door, the leader of the pack was holding the door open for SERIOUSLY too long. Just go in already.

I did the polite thing, "thanks"... ass checking incured as I can feel their hot stares to my butt - remembering at just that time that I had sat on a crumb from my "reduced fat cinnamon coffee cake" from starbucks this morning so I had a big giant sticky cinnamon spot on my jeans.

I proceed to the counter to order and I took the long way around some tables as to avoid more ass staring in line. No go. They all followed me around the long way and as I stood a good 6 feet back from the counter, started forming a line behind me way back into the restaurant.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure these guys weren't trying to be disgusting and most likely they weren't even looking at my ass. I'm sure they were just trying to be polite, like their momma's taught them.

So finally I realized that they didn't get the hint that I wanted to look at the menu a bit and they were welcome to go ahead and order... I walked up and ordered, while the rest of them scrambled around behind me.

I understand Chivalry and I very much appreciate the idea of it in my relationships and personal friendships, but, really... ease up a bit mmmmkay?


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