Sunday, April 10, 2005

Spring Cleaning

Before Mr. M returned from London on Friday night I thought it might be nice to have the house clean and beautiful for his arrival. I cleaned, scrubbed, dusted, polished, for FOUR and a half hours!

I can't believe what slobs we are.

Yea, I know most people say they are slobs but really their houses are ready for the cover of a magazine at a moments notice. I am truly not kidding when I say, we are utter and total slobs.

It looked so beautiful when Mr. M got home and he agreed it was quite lovely thanking me not once but TWICE with some much needed love making.

Since I usually do all my cleaning on the weekend I was totally lost as to what I should do with my time. So, I thought, what the hell, I'm this far I might as well really get the cobwebs out.

I got rid of every piece of clothing that hasn't been worn in over a year, every shoe, every belt, trinkets and baubles.

Now I am left with FOUR industrial sized garbage bags full of clothing downstairs and two giant tubs full of shoes.

How do we accumulate this much crap. Because to be honest, it's all crap, stuff that we don't need, stuff that has some weird sentimental attachment, "I wore this on our first date". Let's face it, it depresses me to keep all my jeans that don't fit me anymore around. I'm not a size 5-8 anymore. Yes I'm working out and yes, I'll probably be that again sometime in the very near future, but I'm not gonna think like that anymore. This is my body now and I'm not gonna tease myself everytime I try on the pants that I want to fit and they just DON'T.

I did attempt to throw out all of Mr.M's 80's clothes, but if I got rid of it all he'd have absolutely nothing to wear. Yes, the man looks drop dead handsome in his suits, ties, and shirts but DEAR god don't run into him on one of his days off. We're talkin collarless button up shirts in patterns that would put Bill Cosby's sweaters to shame. Gotta love a man who can look like a sexy GQ guy one day and an 80's throw back the next.

My job here is done...


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