Saturday, April 16, 2005

It's Times Like These

The gentle touch of his hand on my neck at a table full of people. Lovingly moving the curls that have somehow gotten in the collar of my shirt. Holding his fingers close to my skin for just a second longer than I expected.

Leaning over in the middle of the meal, whispering - how bout some kisses. His lips so masculine and yet soft touching mine oh so briefly, as if to say - we're the only one's here.

Bathing me in beautiful music causing me to turn off the TV. Listening in the dark to the sweet little woman's voice together, but it separate rooms.

We've been together for nearly two years now and I still get full body tingles just seeing him.

His hands on my hips guiding me down the aisle of the church after fierce organ contata's.

It's times like these, that if I didn't know any better - I just might think he was the one.


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