Thursday, May 12, 2005

Excuse the Hiatus

This week I experienced a new phenomenon.

Flying isn't fun anymore.

I used to love the whole flying scenario. Packing, excitement, traveling, planes, little packs of pretzels, sleeping for hours on the plane, arriving at a cool location.

Now - it goes more like this:
  • Run around frantically trying to get everything into the suitcase that I'll need the next morning.
  • Attempt to clean the house enough so that I'm not embarrassed when friend Katie comes to play with/feed the kitten.
  • Set alarm for the ass-crack of dawn.
  • Get on cramped stuffy plane that's hot.
  • Find out that I'm sitting next to two children under the age of 3 and a pregnant mother "do you mind if we take your window seat? they love to look out." - ummmm "yea I frickin MIND!"
  • Get spit on, drooled on, jumped on, kicked, poked, and prodded. (ok, I don't mind if it's my kid or even a relatives/friend's kid - but not some stranger's kid)
  • Get on another hot stuffy cramped plane.
  • Girl sitting in my seat says "Oh sorry I took your seat by accident, I'll move" - why thank you. "but I accidentally spilled some perfume, I hope it doesn't bother you". (oh no, why would THAT bother me!)
  • finally get home from stupid business trip with no fun pictures, no tan lines, and definitely no fun stories.
  • Wake up next morning for work.




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