Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I Am Starbuck's Bitch

I have gone probably 2! months without my coveted White Chocolate Mocha in the morning. I broke the short lived habit and felt that I had conquered the Starbuck's craving like so many other suburban corporate woman around me struggle to do.

I proclaimed to the heaven's! I AM NOT STARBUCK's BITCH.

I will not buy their cream cheese danish laden with sweet cheesy goodness!

I will not accept Michael Buble as my Lord and Personal savior nor the other many CD artists who line their counters!

I will NOT be drawn to them like a moth towards light in the morning for white chocolatey coffee with whipped creamy salivating yumminess!

Until, I shoot straight awake at 8:00AM on a work day (the time I usually LEAVE the house)fold clothes from dryer, get dressed, have a bad hair day, rub aloe on my still sunburned skin, run out the door in the rain, and drive to work in traffic.

Then... and only then ... I will become Starbuck's bitch again.



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