Friday, June 10, 2005

Chaos, Cooking, Counting Calories, and Love

As you can see by the title of this one... I have a lot to talk about and haven't posted in a while.

Lets start from the top shall we?

It's been absolutely nuts at work. Studies have been pushed up pushed back all lining themselves up to occur at roughly the same time. Not so bad if they don't all start at the same time. Plus two of them are tracking studies which requires a hell of a lot of agencies and preparation. I know none of this makes sense to anyone who is un-familiar with the Market Research Industry but ... the corporate world has generally the same common themes. Which brings me to the next thing. RE-ORG! My company is going through a massive re-organization, and while it seems I'll be able to retain my job and my current job location it's going to be quite hectic while shifting over to all of these new procedures and methods. Hopefully I'll still get the yearly raise come November.

The new range got installed on Tuesday. Mr. M was so disappointed with the situation it broke my heart. He was trying to do something really sweet for me but realized while they were installing that the new range looks like poo next to all the shitty old cupboards and linoleum floor. This lead to an impromptu trip to IKEA and some kitchen cabinet planning. They have this cool software where you can plan your whole kitchen. All you do is insert the dimensions, sink, stove, windows, and doors and then put in their cabinets wherever you want. We both made our own kitchens on separate computers when we got home and then compared the two after we were done. Interesting that our kitchens very much reflect our personalities. Mr. M's is concrete sequential no frills, everything is practical and in a straight line. Mine was abstract sequential. Everything had a purpose but it was done creatively. He liked mine...and I definitely saw the virtues of his. Guess that means we fit eh?

Counting Calories.
Well not really but it started with a "C" and it was almost true. I've finally achieved the weight I started at when I started working out way back in January. I was at 150 pounds and totally out of shape uncomfortable in my clothing and feeling awful. We started working out I promptly gained 6 pounds of what people call "muscle weight" which I thought was a load of crap and code for "fat ass". I kept at it though and I'm back to 150. It's a much healthier 150 though. My clothes feel better, I have more energy, I don't feel uncomfortable in my body like everything takes way too much energy. Hopefully the weight loss will continue and I'll get closer to my goal of 130 pounds.

This one's obvious. I love my sweet man. Just today he said, "I haven't been this happy in.... well... ever."


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