Monday, June 20, 2005

Setting Myself Up For Tough Choices

I sent a resume and cover letter out today.

I know I know.. But you love your job!! everyone is screaming at their computers right now. I had to though. I just couldn't not do it, because I would be asking myself forever "what if" if I didn't at least cast my line in to the water.

It's for a job that I'm probably not entirely qualified for but I think I have something that no one else would have who would apply for the job. I have the best of both worlds.

It's for a casino Advertising and Promotions Manager. And who better to do that but someone who, like me, has experience in gaming and marketing?

A little bird told me what the salary is and let's just say it's substantially more than I make now. And let's also just say that I wash that little birds underwear every weekend so I have a bit of an "in" if you will. That little bird happens to work there, but at least we would be in different departments if I were to be hired. Which totally won't even happen.

They are looking for someone who has 3 years marketing experience. I have 2 years. They are looking for someone who has supervisory experience... I technically do but not in the sense that people report to me within my company. When I run projects several people report to me... sometimes close to 25 sites but I employ them... they don't work within my company. They also want someone who has experience in promotions and buying advertising. While I have written some marketing collateral in my day and also created promotions for a company which were then sold on the shelves to people like you. I really only did that maybe twice tops where it was my own project.

I know I'm setting myself up for some hard choices. Like what if I do get an interview, do I go? Of course I go. Then what if by some odd chance they offer me the job??? Do I quit the job I have now that I love and leave the boss that I love? Do I leave for more money? More importantly do I work at the same company that my significant other works at?

I should also mention that the gaming experience I have was at this company. I actually worked for them 2 years ago as a card dealer. Sticky situation eh? Could be a good thing, could also suck.

Updates to come as I know more.


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