Thursday, November 09, 2006

Iron Flop

Tonight we had tickets to a fundraising event at the very posh hotel downtown. It was supposed to be a spin-off of Iron Chef. 5 local "celebrity" chefs, 3 judges, and 1 secret ingredient. We would looking forward to it. I even dressed up - as I take every opportunity to wear heels since I don't wear them in day to day life.

We got there and I immediately realized I was overdressed. Everyone else was in nice dark washed jeans and cute little cropped blazer type things. Oh well - I don't mind standing out. Then the lines started forming. We quickly realized that whomever planned this even had over booked. HUGE.

We finally got up to the ballroom level after an anxiety ridden stuffy elevator ride. It was standing room only and you had to literally jocky for position to taste all the different little tapas type things the various local restaurants were handing out. We did ok - and had some tasty treats along the way. My favorite was the mini croque monsieurs - they were fresh off the panin grill and deeee-licious. There was free beer but nobody could get drunk because once you got a beer you'd have to get right back in the line again if you wanted to be able to have another drink within 30 minutes of your last.

The "Iron Chef" part of the evening was the most disappointing. There were mobs of people standing in front of the center chefs ring of cooks. You couldn't see them let alone how/what they were cooking. We had heard that the secret ingredient was lobster - but only the judges would get to taste it anyway - so why tempt yourself.

We ate until we were semi-full not stuffed and decided to leave - the crowds were just too overwhelming. Ok food, bad planning, and definitely too many tickets sold. At least we know they raised a ton of money for local charities - I'm happy about that.

Oh - and fuck the great wipe fest of 2006 - I'm obviously NOT getting a period ever.again.



At 7:04 AM, Blogger kimmykins13 said...

What a shame that you weren't able to see them cook but at least the food was good and you know the money is going to a good cause. Paula Deen is coming here and we got tickets. I can't wait. I watch all of those Sat. a.m. chefs on the foodnetwork.

What do you mean you are never getting your period again? Did you do the stick test yet?


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