Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Reason #782 I'm Greatful For Him

During my slower work days I spend most of my time chatting away on Yahoo Messenger and getting little to nothing done. Today was one of those days.

I usually have an ongoing conversation with Mr. M and with Mr.M's friend Helga. I guess I could call her my friend now too. It's just that she was his friend to begin with - oh and the small detail that they used to be fuck-buddies. errrr. yea. moving on!

I'm a subscriber to the general rule that everyone should keep their enemy's close. So I usually befriend women like Helga for the reason of making my presence known. However I made the fatal flaw of actually ending up liking her. She's around my age (few years younger) and just finished college working out in NY as an accountant.

She's the one who met the guy online 2 months ago and during that time got engaged and married.

Yea - don't ask.. she might have jumped the gun.. ok she DEFINITELY jumped the gun.

Anyway. She was all distraught today because she and the new hubby were in the middle of their first fight. I'm thinking it's a better idea to have your first fight before you get married - but that's me. He was accusing her of snooping through his email and she was denying it. Appartently a month ago she found some emails from him with pictures of himself sent to other chicks and called him on it.

My initial feeling is that he's hiding something. Although he probably is - it's none of my business and I console her as much as I can via Messenger. As I was reading her woeful tale I couldn't help but think I'm pretty darn lucky.

I have never once suspected Mr. M of being unfaithful. Yes, he emails women and talks to them online, but all are long time acquaintances or old girlfriends from many many years ago. He's always very forthcoming about his interactions with women. He'll come home from work and tell me about things that happened at work between him and other women explaining in great detail. He's also said more than once that the computer is as much mine as his and he has no secrets.

I have to say I really am greatful for this quality in my man. I never worry that he's cheating or sneaking around. I can at times suspect some women of trying to vie for his attention however I trust that he's smart enough to see past that and stop whatever advances might take place.

I'm just happy to have myself an honest, trustworthy guy - because YES they still exist girls and YES you deserve it.


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