Thursday, December 15, 2005

Insert Foot In Mouth

So - yea - remember yesterday when I was all indignant and pissy because I wasn't being APPRECIATED and because my employers were money hungry ass holes who didn't give me a raise on my one year anniversary at the job.


I do.

So my boss was out on PTO today. I had volunteered to take on a job for her while she took the day off today. It turned into a lot of work so I was just buzzing through most of it and copying on her on all the emails - so I wouldn't get stuck with the study when she came back on Monday.

sidenote - handling someone elses study is alot like trying to where someones shoes (literally). Your foot never quite fits in the groove and the shoes have definitely been already molded to someone elses foot. It's just not comfortable.

At around noonish I get a call from my bosses cell phone. No message - just on the caller ID. So I call her back at home to see what's up. She was just checking in on the study and apologizing for it turning into a pain in the ass. I was like "yea no biggy - you'd do the same for me".

So then - and here's where I have to eat a big giant slice of humble pie.

She tells me that she has been fighting for an increase in pay for me for a while now. She knew it would take longer and their would be different rules since we got re-orged back in June. She says they usually only give 2% raises but that she put her foot down and managed to get me a 6% increase in pay. So not only that but the increase is already active in the check I'm receiving tomorrow.

She went on to say that she didn't feel right about them giving me 2% because she felt that I had gone the extra mile and really stuck it out going through a tough re-org. She thanked me for a job well done and said she'd see me on Monday.


Here's me all bitching yesterday only to find out that my awesome boss. Did I mention she totally rocks? was working hard trying to get me an increase in pay that was higher than anyone had received yet in the department.

I probably won't notice the increase much in my checks - it probably only works out to about 120 bucks a month more. It's the principal of it though. I done good and I was rewarded.

Guess I'll go get my self a slice of that pie now.


At 2:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Every little penny helps!!



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