Friday, November 18, 2005

Dear Mr. IT Man

Dear Mr. IT Man,
I know you probably already read my blog because - yea, you're just that kind of office IT guy. You probably know what times I read my favorite blogs and how much time I spend on all of them.

This - I have to say, I don't care so much about. If I got dooced I would probably think it was cool rather than a heart break. I really think of it as a badge of honor if nothing else.

My concern that I bring to you today is one simple question.


You have your little blue tooth thingy - and ok whatever, if it makes you feel cool or like Data from Star Trek that's fine. What I do know however, is that you're not talking on that thing all the time. MOST of the time you're talking to yourself, as you are right now in the cube next to me.

Who are you asking your questions to??
Direct Quote at this very moment

"Maybe I can look around and find out who is actually connected."
"Guess I'll have to call HP and try to figure out what's going on."

Who are you telling this to? Certainly not me. I also know there is no one in the cube that you're working in - so nope that can't be it.

You really need to work on that whole "inner-dialogue" thing. Your office-mates really don't want to deal with the whole "is he talking to me?" thing anymore.

Work on it.

So Bringing Head Phones From Now On Suzanne


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