Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Odds and Ends

Since I have quite a few things to mention - be prepared to jump around a bit people - come on now.... I know you hate this, but flexibility is the key.

Mr. M informed me today that he has updated his medical will and that I would be the person to decide whether or not to pull the plug on him if by some awful circumstance he was in a vegetative state. So I asked him what he would prefer. He said that I would have to not do what I wanted but to do what he wanted and just pull the damn thing already.

This adding to the fact that last week he wrote out a "will" on his computer stating that he was leaving everything to me if he should have an untimely demise. Although I can't stand the thought and I hate the morbidity (yes its a word - damnit) of the whole thing I do find it comforting. It's as if my boy is moving closer to "us" as in "forever" rather than "eh you're kinda nice to have around".

I am however slightly preterbed with the recent lack of attention I'm being paid. I do have a slight problem with this. I do require more than the average bear. Blame it on middle child syndrome or my age - bottom line I realize I have this issue and I try to keep it in check. It's just that he's trying to get this TV show edited and in the hands of the network. He's busting his butt to make it happen and his partner is a REAL CHORE. Meaning that she requires a hell of a lot of attention too. I'm not threatened by this woman in the slightest - however I am very close to telling her to give us some room please. I need one evening of un-interrupted "us" time and I need her to respect that. Hopefully this will pass and I won't end up flipping out.

Mr. M did call on his way home tonight and totally pegged it. He apologized for all the running around and lack of quality time. He assured me that he appreciated my patience and recognized the sacrifices I was making for his dream. That's all I needed really.

Countertop for the kitchen is scheduled to arrive on Monday and since I have now been without a "real" countertop for going ong almost 4 months I couldn't care less. However, I am exceedingly stressed about how I'm going to get the cabinets level. Since the wall and floor are not at a 90 degree angle and the floor slopes - it seems a bit impossible. I would like to not have to think about this anymore - as it makes my brain hurt.

Speaking of brain usage (nice segue right!!!??) I'm very bored at work and the workload has just not been sufficient for all 3 of us PM (project managers) to keep a steady work flow. It's getting to the rip my hair out stage again. At the end of today's marathon of nothingness we all got a mass email. The CEO that was hired just 3 1/2 months ago to head up our re-organized company has "stepped down". They gave some bullshitty reason why - and to be honest it may be true but I ain't buying anything they're selling lately. Basically the guy was all insane about metrics and I ain't feelin metrics. Hopefully he stepped down because he realized metrics weren't going to work here and not the other reason I can think of. Which is - the people under him were pushing for the metrics and he wasn't really diggin it. Either way - we're in a constant state of transition and it's becoming quite tiresome. I find myself becoming bitter and I thought that surely that would not happen until I had at least hit 30.

Mr. M gave me the loveliest surprise the other day. He was in Vegas completing the editing on the 2nd episode of the show. The 2nd!!! Halloween he has missed spending with me for that show. I think he felt badly. Well - I KNOW he felt badly because he said so. I told him no worries I would hand out candy to the little goblins and everything would be fine. At the end of the evening I was chatting with him on Yahoo Messenger and turned on the webcam to show him the kitten and flash a little boobie. He told me to look in the file cabinet to my right in the last file. There was a pretty pink faux crocodile watch in there - just for me. I asked him how he could have possibly planned that. He said the webcam was a bonus cause he got to see my reaction but the watch had been there all along.

Ok - I think thats it.

OH - except some douche bag stole my cake that I made the other day. I brought it to work and there was half left yesterday so instead of taking the box home to re-use I left it there. This morning it was gone - totally disappeared. What asshole would do that.?!?


At 6:02 AM, Blogger Rude Cactus said...

Not to marginalize the other topics but...they stole a cake? What is wrong with the world today?!

At 12:57 PM, Blogger cursingmama said...

I'm all up in arms about the cake too - - love the watch story too!

At 6:16 PM, Anonymous Amy said...

The cleaning people at my office take our food all the time. Or it could be the human garbage disposal 10 doors down. Or both.


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