Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I Could Write Screenplays With This Stuff

I've been having some pretty outstanding dreams lately. The one last week I would say was more terrifying than outstanding, but last night's was right up there with movie material.

My dreams are always in color. I can smell, taste, feel, and use all my senses. I can also usually describe them weeks, months, and years later in great detail. I had some repeat dreams as a child that to this day I can tell you what I was wearing and who was there.

Last night I dreamt this psuedo-back to the future dream. I dreamt that my family knew that the end of the world was coming. I don't know how they knew... but they did. Apparently many people knew and someone had developed a way for us all to live full lives regardless of this event.

Someone had developed a time machine that would take us back to 1993 (don't know why that was significant). The scientist who created the time machine had figured that if we all went back 12/13 years that we would all get the necessary time to live full lives. Don't ask me why this made sense... it was a dream people.

I had told Mr.M that I would be back in a few days and gave him a kiss and hug. I guess I really did think I was coming back - my parents must have told me I was. The trip back to 1993 takes 12 hours. So we slept, ate, and played cards in the metal room for that long.

Next thing I knew - we were in 1993 except I was 26 years old (as I am now). We were all in the house we lived in in 1993. Our furniture and the house were exactly the same except we were all the age we are now.

We went on our merry way until I mentioned that I should probably be getting back soon since Mr.M would be wondering where I was. They said, "oh no, you didn't think we were going back did you?"

I freaked out. I had to get back to him. So I tried to think of a way to get him a message to tell him that I was ok and am trying to find a way back to him. Since I was now in 1993 and he was still in 2005 this would be difficult.

First thought was to find where he was living in Las Vegas and call him (sincein 1993 he was living in Vegas) and tell him that I was his future girlfriend and that in 2005 I would leave - but I was coming back. I decided against this idea as I knew I would sound like a lunatic and it might hinder our future if he knew I was going to be with him someday.

Then I thought that I could somehow leave him a note that he would find at just the right time. PERFECT! I went to the house that we now live in and snuck in. I left a note wedged behind the plaster on the wall in the kitchen, knowing that we would remodel that kitchen when we moved in later in 2005. Then he would find the note when we ripped down the plaster and there would be the note telling him not to worry I was coming back. I also wrote in the note a message to myself - saying not to go with my parents back to 1993 and to stay with Mr.M.


I should mention that I've been sick the last few days and my dreams might be a bit fever/medicine induced.

still weird though.


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