Monday, September 26, 2005

Damn Thy Intuition

I have a skill that most women have. The art of intuition. I call it an "art" because that is exactly what it is. The ability to conjure up things that you just KNOW are occuring having little to no evidence of them.

Throughout my long and relationship ridden past I have had this ability rear it's ugly head time and again. I have been right every time.

He seems a little distant - must be that girl - YUP... it's that girl

He seems a little quiet - must be about to break up with me - YUP broke up with me

He seems a little uncomfortable - he must be trying to hide something - YUP lost 20K gambling.

and so on and so forth. I'm so dead on it would scare most people.

Mr. M plays the game of "you don't know me" all the time when I spout off about my most recent inkling. He gets quiet, or doesn't come to bed, or doesn't kiss me goodnight etc etc and I call him out.

"Hey! You over there! Are you etching into the stone tablet in your head this moment so you can remember why you shouldn't marry me if by some chance you think it's a good idea someday?"

"You don't even know me..."

But I DO know him... and I know that's what he does. Something happens, like a random fight. Instead of making up and moving on, he dwells on the issue and tries to make himself REMEMBER the anger he's feeling at that moment so he can tap into it in a moment of a fleeting love spell.

He's been quiet for about the last 24 hours. It started sometime after we had sex yesterday morning and continued through today. I asked him last night if something was wrong. He didn't respond. Yea right, I get it.. you're deep in thought and didn't hear my question. WHATEVER!

He did not kiss me goodnight last night. There is an off chance that I was so dead asleep that I don't remember it, but highly unlikely. Something's up with him.

Just now, he called me for no apparent reason. He is test driving a Mazda3 with his 'friend' Kathe. Why would he think that at this moment he should call me? Must be doing something wrong.

I should follow-up by saying that sometimes my intuition is so powerful, it actually MAKES things happen just as I've thought them up.

Let's hope my intuition isn't so powerful... eh?


At 7:32 PM, Anonymous Amy said...

I can't decide if intuition is a curse or a blessing. It seems like we only remember intuition if it is about bad things. Or is that what it is for?


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