Thursday, September 29, 2005

I Cried Because I Wanted To

It was my birthday yesterday... and I definitely cried and maybe it wasn't because I wanted to.

As I said in my previous post. I had a big giant no show from my "friends" for my birthday dinner last night. So I cancelled it at 2:00 in the afternoon. Then I held back tears at my desk for the rest of the work day.

On my way home I cried.

Mr. M called me and I cried to him.

He came home and I sobbed into his jacket. "I [sob] have [sob] no friends [sob sob]"

Turns out he had made last minute reservations at a beautiful restaurant overlooking the city. He told me to wipe my tears and put something cute on.

I tried my best, still feeling as the night could not be salvaged.

The food was amazing, the ambience lovely, I got a dessert with candles, and of course the best company a girl could ask for.

I got into the car after the meal feeling like the night had been better than I could have even planned or wished for. There in the backseat sat a gift for me.

In that gift after I pushed the tissue paper aside was the most lovely Coach handbag I had ever seen. Then, I cried again, but this time the reason was that I have the most amazingly caring man who loves me so much.

He said he tried to get last minute Harry Connick Jr. tickets but to no avail. He said he wanted to make it right and didn't want me to lose the giddy happiness I get around my birthday. He said he loves my squealing screams when opening presents.

That boy loves me man.

So why do I feel so awful today about him spending all that money?


At 6:40 AM, Blogger cursingmama said...

I get that feeling when I think maybe I'm not worth the actual value of the gift....fight it, you're worth it!

At 8:46 AM, Blogger Suzanne said...

Thanks CM. I'll try to remind myself of that everytime I start to feel unworthy. Which is totally the truth.

At 2:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a bit late I know, and I am sorry, but I wanted to say-Happy Birthday, Sweets :)

Everyday Stranger


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